Wednesday, May 20, 2015 - 05:30
Image Credit: News7 There have been times when we looked at Subramanian Swamy, and went in our heads, "What was this man THINKING?!" This is one of those moments. At Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu to solemnise a wedding, Swamy was given the mangalsutra to hand it over to the groom to tie around the bride's neck. But in what we think was his absent-mindedness, Swamy went right ahead to tie it around the bride himself, before being stopped by former IAS officer Chandralekha. Watch the full video here, courtesy News7. Take a break, Mr. Swamy! It has been a long life. Video of QBQStAlS2oQ Read- When Subramanian Swamy turned his attention to old friend and enemy- Jayalalithaa Read- The casteist gay-groom ad is a hard lesson for civil rights activists