The Falaknuma police charged Raja Singh under IPC Section 153 (A) (promoting enmity between different groups) on Monday.

BJP MLA Raja Singh in the dock again for hateful remarks booked
news Hate Speech Tuesday, June 12, 2018 - 19:36

Repeat offender and rabble rouser, T Raja Singh, was yet again booked by the police for his hateful and derogatory comments against Muslims and their holy book. The Falaknuma police charged him under IPC Section 153 (A) (promoting enmity between different groups) on Monday.

Known for his hate speeches and inciteful remarks, the Goshamahal MLA posted a Facebook live video from his account, in which he said that he wouldn’t host Iftar parties during Ramzan unlike his counterparts, who are ‘begging for votes’ by wearing skull caps and taking selfies.

Raja Singh asked for a ban on the Quran—which he calls--‘Green book’. According to him, the ‘Green book’ terms Hindus as Kaafirs, and the verses ‘call for the killing of Hindus’. “In our religion, it is written to respect one and all, but there are a few religions, in which their religious texts it is written that Hindus should be killed,” he says, adding, “When their religious texts say that Hindus should be slaughtered, how can I go for their Iftar parties? And, how can I host Iftar parties.”

After ranting about distorted truths, the MLA says that for him, religion comes first and then politics.

He then calls for Hindu unity to achieve the dream of ‘Akhand Hindu Rashtra’. “We are scattered like the five fingers. Akhand Hindu Rashtra will become a reality only when we become a fist.”

Further, the MLA says that he desires that cows be given ‘Raja Matha’ (National mother) status not just in India but across the world. “I dream of the establishment of Akhand Hindu Rashtra. The creation of Ram temple in Ayodhya…. Gau matha should get Raja matha status not just in India but across the world and there should be a ban on cow slaughter.”

The MLA also faults the ‘secular Hindus’ for being a hindrance to the Akhand Hindu Rashtra dream. He says that the secular Hindus are ‘Haramis’ who were the reason for the Mughals ruling India and even the Britishers. Besides these remarks, he makes several other inciteful comments against minorities and Kashmiris.

Raja Singh is a known offender, who has at least 19 cases pending against him; two are related to injuring or defiling a place of worship with intent to insult a religion; two attempt to murder cases; eight charges for promoting enmity, as per his affidavit submitted during his nomination in 2014 assembly elections. Several other cases have been registered against him after 2014.

Two months ago, during Sri Rama Navami, the MLA had put up another video, in which he accused the TRS government of being ‘anti-Hindu’ for prohibiting the use of loudspeakers during the procession. He then made several other provocative statements and challenged the police to stop him from using loudspeakers. Taking strong objection to his hateful comments, two cases were filed in Charminar and Rein Bazar.  

Apart from cases in Telangana, he also has a case registered against him in Karnataka.


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