This comes close on the heels of Amit Shah’s own blooper recently stating that BS Yeddyurappa’s govt was number 1 in corruption.

BJP campaigns for Cong again Amit Shahs Kannada translator says Modi wont help poor
news Politics Thursday, March 29, 2018 - 11:16

In yet another embarrassing gaffe for the BJP, MP Prahlad Joshi wrongly translated party president Amit Shah's speech from Hindi to Kannada and claimed that "Narendra Modi will not do anything for the poor and Dalits". 

The video of Joshi's mis-translation comes close on the heels of Amit Shah's own blooper, calling BJP's chief ministerial candidate BS Yeddyurappa's government in Karnataka, number 1 in corruption. The video was aired by Times Now and ends abruptly after the first line of Joshi's translation. 

Addressing the media in Davangere on Tuesday, BJP President Amit Shah said, “If there was ever a competition for corruption, then the Yeddyurappa government would get the number 1 position.” 

Except that the BJP chief really meant to hit out at Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah. BJP MP Prahlad Joshi, who was sitting next to Amit Shah, was quick to point out the blunder to the party president, even as state chief BS Yeddyurappa, who was also present, was left red-faced.

Upon realising his error, Amit Shah corrected himself and said, “Arre, Siddaramaiah government is number one in corruption.”

Following this latest incident, the Congress has been quick to pounce on both the BJP chief’s slip of tongue and MP Joshi's mis-translation. Videos of both the gaffes were gleefully shared on social media by supporters of the Congress.

However, this wasn’t the party's first gaffe as Congress’ Social Media and Communication Head Divya Spandana pointed out. Accusing the Karnataka government of not doing enough to improve infrastructure or irrigation, Amit Shah recently wondered where the money went. But, instead of taking Siddaramaiah’s name, the BJP chief slipped up, stating, “Also, Yeddyurappa says that the BJP does not help for the growth of Karnataka.”

On Tuesday, the Election Commission announced the Karnataka Assembly election dates, with polling scheduled to take place on May 12 and counting on May 15. The state will see a three-cornered fight between the Congress, BJP and JDS.

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