In a statement, Missionaries of Jesus Congregation said the police are trying to manipulate the investigation and persuade other nuns to file a complaint against him.

Bishop Franco is innocent Missionaries of Jesus to fast atone for nuns sins
news Kerala nun rape case Wednesday, September 26, 2018 - 13:15

Even after a two-week long protest by five nuns culminated in the arrest of Bishop Franco Mulakkal, who raped a nun from Missionaries of Jesus (MJ) Congregation, officials of the congregation seem to be on a victim-blaming mode. As per a press release issued by Sister Rejina, Mother General of the MJ congregation, they will be fasting for the accused Bishop on Wednesday, as they believe he is innocent.

“The accused bishop is innocent and the police arrested him without any reasons,” it says. The statement repeatedly claims that the nun’s complaint accusing Franco of rape has been fabricated. “Bishop Franco is innocent and MJ congregation is responsible for crucifying him. Hence, the members of the congregation will be fasting and praying on Wednesday to god, seeking forgiveness,” it reads.

The press release also raises concerns about the questioning pattern of the police officials. “There is no proof against the bishop and the police are trying to manipulate the investigation. They are even persuading other nuns to file a complaint against him. The investigating officers are having a propaganda and are conspiring to create more fake evidence. They are illegally probing against him and also walking into the convents without prior appointment from the convent officials. They are also forcibly directing us to provide statement against him,” the MJ officials alleged.

“It has been noted that the probe team is eager to prove that the complainant nun revealed to the congregation members about the “story of exploitation” even before a complaint was filed against her by a woman in Delhi,” said the officials of the congregation.

It states, “We noticed that the investigation team members and the nuns of the Kuravilangad convent have been sharing some lighter moments in the convent till 2 am in the recent days. We would like to assert that this is in violation of the convent rules. We suspect that there is a conspiracy behind the move and they have joined together to create more proof against the bishop.”

It also claims that the investigation team is mentally torturing nuns in the convents under the congregation and many of them are gripped by fear. “Some have been so badly affected that they had to seek medical help. In the present situation, many nuns are afraid to tell the truth,” reads the statement from Missionaries of Jesus congregation.

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