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Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 How things are heating up in the house
Flix Entertainment Friday, June 29, 2018 - 19:15

Nearly two weeks after the much awaited second season of Bigg Boss Tamil, the popular reality TV show that was all the rage last year, premiered, what does the house look like? This year’s contestants are relatively less famous and the drama too has been less intense. As the housemates quickly worked to make themselves known with their individual quirks, some awkward, hilarious and downright cringe moments have marked the endeavour to revive the public lives of these has-been and never-was celebrities.

While Ananth, Mumtaz, Riythvika and Nithya were nominated for elimination in the first week, the contestants were unaware that they wouldn't actually be eliminated. In the second week, Mumtaz, Ponnambalam, Mamathi and Ananth have been nominated.

Balaji - Nithya

Well let’s get right to it, then. Actor Balaji and his wife have a rocky marriage and it is playing out awkwardly on screen. While they both make it clear that they are here are as individuals and not as partners, their fights and the abuses Balaji hurls at Nithya have not been fun to watch. While the other contestants try to patch up things between the estranged couple, things get awkward really fast. With the two refusing to explain their problems in detail, the housemates come to their own conclusions based on the generic rants by either party. Nithya alleges Balaji went public with accusations of her having an affair while Balaji orders her around to make food.

Famously, the duo fought over adding onions to carrot curry. Nithya refused to add it since Balaji had suggested it. At the end of the week, Kamal asked them why they had made a mountain out of a molehill. When a role reversal takes place and the women become masters and the men slaves, Balaji continued to use expletives against Nithya who was left to fend for herself.

Ananth Vaidyanathan

The vocal trainer, whom audiences have seen on Vijay TV’s Super Singer, is as clueless as to why he is on the show as we are. He makes faces at the other contestants when they are having fun, laughing loudly or dancing. He also lectures others on their limits. Called Isai by the housemates, he takes issue with them when they crack the famous Vadivelu joke on where music comes from.

Ramya NSK

Singer Ramya adds a dose of humour to the show with her witty comebacks but is viewed with suspicion by some housemates because of… her hair. One of the contestants even nominated her for elimination because of this.

Yashika and Aishwarya

The two small-time actors have been brought together by their combined lack of knowledge in Tamil. As one hails from Punjab and the other from West Bengal, they find that the other contestants are discriminating against them for not being fluent in the language even as one of the main rules of the house is that everyone speaks in Tamil. In one particularly hilarious exchange between Aishwarya and Balaji, the former said she has antioxidant medicines to offer. To this, Balaji replied, “Ennadhu, aunty accident la poiducha?”

However, when Aishwarya narrated a time in her life when her father couldn't afford the money to celebrate a puja, the other contestants poked fun at the way in which she explained it in Tamil.

Yashika, on the other hand, has plans of striking when the time is right and letting the other contestants believe that she is a goody two shoes.

Not missing the opportunity to objectify the two, the cameras too pan from top to bottom when the duo does their 'slave' dance.


Ponnambalam, the stunt master who ruled the roost in action films from the '90s, remains mostly in the background, offering all the men his brand new briefs since some of them still haven't got their suitcases. He partakes in the fun and makes a quiet escape when things heat up. He also gives advice to the young men on how to do stunt sequences in films. Ponnambalam's true colours came out when he mouthed an expletive at Yashika and Aishwarya. Mumtaz confronted him about it and he agreed to apologise to all.


Mahat, who struts about as the Casanova of the house, has frequent run-ins with Ananth Vaidyanathan. Mahat secretly ate Mamathi’s sandwich and asked everyone to forget the issue only to later confess that he had eaten it. The young man also straightens his hair from time to time. Mahat who enjoys the attention from Yashika and Aishwarya was confronted by the other men on his 'play' when Balaji found him in bed with two ladies.

Janani Iyer

Janani was voted captain in the first week and wielded the power cautiously, not wanting to annoy anyone. She was also on the secret task of getting everyone to abide by the house rules so as to be immune from nomination in Week 2 as well. She is called poison bottle by everyone else who say that while she looks innocent, she is full of toxicity. She dared Sendrayan to dance in front of Mumtaz to irritate her.

Daniel Annie Pope

Danny appears to be the most helpful among the men on the show. The budding actor tries to diffuse tension among the participants and does his part towards cleaning the house. Daniel, who was happy to try and coax Mumtaz into doing her job as ‘slave’ when he was a master, has problems with authority when he is made the slave.


Vaishnavi is another key member of the house who foments trouble. Inserting herself into every conflict and gossip fest, the radio jockey waits for an opportunity to stir up controversy. When Mahat and Yashika ate Mamathi and Mumtaz’s sandwich, she went overboard getting riled up on their behalf even though they said they were okay with it. She also came to blows with Daniel when she raised the issue of Shariq making his 'slave' Aishwarya feed him.


The comedian who seems to play the same role that Ganja Karuppu did last season, is ‘humble’ and ‘down to earth.’ He is also constantly butting his head into the marital conflict of Balaji and Nithya.

Sendrayan, who provided the majority of the entertainment in the house was upset with Mahat for not taking him seriously. Explaining his 'insecurity' he said that the women will respect him only if the men do.


The Kabali actor is observant and takes on the tasks sportingly. However, she largely remains in the background. When she was up for ‘elimination’ she said that she needed another week’s time since she takes a while to bond with others. She also promised to get to know others and make her presence felt.


Mumtaz, who is often very ill on the show, is perhaps the most sorted contestant of the lot. Not giving into the baits thrown about by other housemates, she generally holds her own. Mumtaz made it clear from day one that she has numbness in the mornings and cannot cook, despite being captain of the cooking team.

While her team members were understanding at first, Nithya took issue with it subsequently. Mumtaz also got homesick on seeing Shariq, who apparently looks like her nephew. When Bigg Boss gave them the plainly sexist task of women being men's slaves, Mumtaz stood up for herself and said there are limits to what she can be expected to do. The actor is generous when it comes to sharing food. The ‘slaves’ have to refer to their ‘masters’ as 'aiya' and fold their hands. She found it difficult to cope with the slave task, especially when the women didn't have a secluded space to change.

Shariq Hasan

Budding actor Shariq is the son of comedienne Uma Riaz Khan and actor Riaz Khan. While he is mostly quiet, his heart has been after Aishwarya. He confessed during one of the tasks that he would like to date her. Oddly, the young man seems to be everywhere, in every frame, constantly lurking in the background even as drama unfolds.

Mamathi Chari

Mamathi who makes it clear at the outset that she does not wish to speak about people behind their back, is mostly quiet and partakes in discussions when needed. Even when someone ended up eating her share of breakfast, the calm Mamathi didn't make an issue of it. However, the other contestants gradually feel that Mamathi is whispering in Mumtaz’s ears and playing the role of a manipulator. Perhaps the most awkward moment came for her when she performed a super off key medley of songs 'dedicated' to Ananth whose expression betrayed how bad the singing was.

Kamal Haasan

Managing politics, films and the show, the actor/politician plays the perfect host, entertaining and flaying the contestants all at once. With statements like “Corruption in governance begins when people act like they have sacrificed when they have just done their duty”, the Makkal Needhi Maiam chief also gets his political punches. He also berated the housemates for letting things get out of hand with the carrot-onion controversy.

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