'Bigg Boss' Tamil ends: Aarav wins the grand prize of Rs 50 lakh

Public favourite Oviya made an appearance along with other eliminated contestants.
'Bigg Boss' Tamil ends: Aarav wins the grand prize of Rs 50 lakh
'Bigg Boss' Tamil ends: Aarav wins the grand prize of Rs 50 lakh
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The grand finale to Bigg Boss Tamil is done and dusted. And the winner of the Rs 50 lakh cash prize at the end of 100 days is Aarav.

Director Shankar and producer Dil Raju made an appearance at the finale and announced that they were going to make Indian Part 2. Shankar said that he'd work on the film after 2.O. 

Host Kamal Haasan revealed that the show had garnered a whopping 76,76,53,065 votes overall. 

The last episode

With just four contestants - Aarav, Harish Kalyan, Snehan, and Ganesh Venkatraman - left in the house, the last week saw the four of them exchanging their thoughts on the show and how it had helped them. 

Many on social media speculated that Ganesh Venkatraman, who'd mostly steered clear of controversies, would be the winner. However, it was Aarav who walked away with the title. 

Contestant Bindhu, who'd made an entry, a few weeks after the show had begun, was the last person to be eliminated before the finale.

As the pictures in circulation on social media had suggested, eliminated contestant Oviya made an appearance on the show along with others, much to the delight of her fans who call themselves "Oviya's army". Namitha was not present. 

Oviya had chosen to walk out of the show after Aarav had rebuffed her and the other housemates had isolated her. The controversial "maruthuva muththam" ('medical kiss') between the two had led to weeks of heated debates on social media. Unable to take the isolation, Oviya had decided to get herself evicted. 

Contestants like Gayathri, Juliana, and Shakti, had to face the wrath of the public after they were eliminated for the way in which they'd behaved with Oviya. At the finale, Shakti, who'd threatened to hit Oviya on the show, publicly apologised to her.

The fact that Aarav and Oviya would meet again in the finale had kept many followers of the show waiting in great anticipation. It took a while for the two of them to meet and greet each other. After Suja and Anuya encouraged Oviya to meet Aarav, she finally greeted him and the two exchanged a casual hug. "You've lost weight," Oviya said to him. The two of them had an awkward chat later in the make-up room.

Surprisingly, Oviya and Juliana seemed to share a good rapport, with the two of them singing together and chatting with each other.

Kamal's words on political entry

With 19 contestants, Bigg Boss premiered on June 25 on Star Vijay and quickly became among the most watched reality TV shows on Tamil channels. 

Despite the numerous controversies, it continued to soar in popularity. Host Kamal Haasan, dubbed Aandavar by his fans, made a successful debut on TV with Bigg Boss and apart from sharing personal stories once in a while, has also used it as a platform to share his views on politics. These comments attracted a lot of attention due to his imminent political entry.

The finale, too, was not without declarations about his entry into politics. "I'm not coming because of greed, I'm coming because of love!" he said. "Your work will be my life, my duty," he added. Kamal noted that he wasn't making these statements to get claps but was saying all of this with sincerity. 

If Kamal indeed plunges into politics, who will be the host for Season 2? For now, it's curtains for Bigg Boss Tamil and we'll just have to wait to know the answer.

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