The show’s host Kamal Haasan confirmed this in a promotional video that was released.

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Bigg Boss Tamil season 4 is fast approaching its 70th day since the start of this season. Currently, this 100-day-long has 12 remaining contestants. Since the 60-day mark, strong contenders for the trophy have emerged; however, now, news of a double eviction round this weekend has emerged. In the recently released promotional video, host Kamal Haasan has confirmed this news, adding that one contestant will be evicted on Saturday, and another on Sunday.

Nisha, Som, Shivani, Gaby, Ramesh and Ramya are facing eviction this weekend. During the week, Anitha and Rio had some disagreements again, over the recurring issue of groupism and favouritism that Rio shows in the house. Anitha addressed Rio’s behaviour, and according to fans of the show, Rio’s friends think that Anitha’s allegations were baseless.

Watch the promotional video here:

During the tiff, fans say that Nisha and Som considerably reduced support for them from the audience, as they chose the "wrong" side. In the show’s duration, evictions were postponed on two occasions, Deepavali and host Kamal Haasan’s birthday. To make up, there will be a double eviction this weekend. So far, Nisha and Som are expected to be the victims of this new eviction round.  

Last week, the contestant to be eliminated from Bigg Boss Tamil 4 was Sanam Shetty. So far, Rekha, Velmurugan, Suresh Chakravarthy, Suchitra, Samyuktha and Sanam Shetty have been evicted from the show.  

At this stage of the game, Bala, Aari and Anitha have been trying to get the audience to root for them to win. Ramya and Shivani don’t involve themselves in many arguments, and Aajeedh keeps to himself and does not state his opinions unless asked. Fans speculate that the two contestants who will be up for elimination next week might be Aajeedh and Gaby.

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