The big 'Sreenivasan' controversy in Malayalam cinema: Who said what

The big 'Sreenivasan' controversy in Malayalam cinema: Who said what
The big 'Sreenivasan' controversy in Malayalam cinema: Who said what
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The News Minute | December 16, 2014 | 12.25 pm IST

It is the biggest fight in Malayalam cinema currently. Filmmaker Rajeev Ravi’s comments on actor cum script writer Sreenivasan has taken another turn on Monday with Ravi’s wife and Oscar nominated film maker Geethu Mohandas coming up with her own versions.

Rajeev Ravi in an interview given to SouthLive had said that he hates movies scripted by Sreenivasan as they always target middle class men, for monetary benefits. He had also said in the interview that he doesn’t believe the idea of scripts and scripts should be burnt before making a movie.

Irked by the criticism on their father Vineeth Srinivasan and Dhyan Sreenivasan had reacted through Facebook posts on Saturday.

What Vineeth said

“I have heard that someone is teaching to take movies without script. It is a revolutionary idea. Why should we waste half our life by writing scripts? I would like to learn this new technique. And it would have been nice if somebody teach to draw a picture without a canvas and build a house without the base, from Son of Sreenivasan” Vineeth posted in his facebook wall.

Dhyan joined in later

“People who criticize others should realize their own position in the industry. I won’t bear criticizing my father” he said

Geethu reportedly denies Rajeev's interview

Later on Monday in a news report by Manorama online Geetu denied the news and said that media had distorted Rajeev’s words for publicity. According to this report Geetu has also criticized Vineeth and Dhayan who defended their father.

“The people who immediately react to fake news are immature. They should clarify before reacting to it” Geetu said in Manorama Report

Now Geethu denies Manorama report

But kicking up another controversy, now Geetu has denied the Manorama online report and says that she did not say anything as in the report.

“Hello my dear friends…so here I am heavily jet lagged and reading just nonsensical statements published on my behalf by MANORAMA ONLINE… well all I have to tell you guys is if you haven’t heard it here then CLEARLY I haven’t said anything at all! Just to emphasize that there is ZERO credibility in anything online anymore” she posted in her facebbok wall

She has also said that whatever Rajeev has said is what he believes in and every person has the right to like or hate films according to his or her aesthetics. “It has got nothing to do with the individuals concerned and I think every person who makes a film or work of art should stand scrutiny on the aesthetics and its social impact” she said

However Manorama is sticking firm to their report. They also claim that Geetu has asked them on Monday to remove the story and they did not do it.

“Whatever in the report is said by Geetu. Later she asked Manorama to withdraw the report; since it was not done she came up with a facebook post. She might have done this because of other external influences” says Manorama.

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