The short ‘throw’ is the key selling point as it ensures easier integration into your living spaces, almost the same way as a flat screen TV.

BenQ V6000 Laser TV projector
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A recent research report (from confirmed what you probably already know – home projectors are seeing an unprecedented rise in sales. This report projects a 14.9% annual rate of growth for the category until 2027. As consumers look to replicate the movie experience and the thrill of watching live sports on the big screen, the action has clearly shifted to the living room (or your den). BenQ’s V6000 comes hot on the heels of other ultra-short throw projectors like the Optoma P2 and Samsung’s Premiere. These devices are also known as laser TV projectors. 

The ultra-short throw projector decoded

Throw or throw distance is the expanse that the light must travel from the lens to the surface of the screen or the wall. You’re probably familiar with standard projectors, like the one in your office board room that typically require about 10 feet to create a 100-inch image. An ultra-short throw projector uses its reflector lens to spread out its light signal across a minimal distance. Unlike conventional projectors, you don’t have to worry about shadow creation when someone crosses the path of the projection or your kid knocking it down if you’ve not mounted it on your ceiling. The BenQ V6000 requires just 7 cm from the wall for the smallest 70-inch projection or 22 cm for a 100-inch projection.  

The ALR screen

This short ‘throw’ is the key selling point, it ensures easier integration into your living spaces, almost the same way as a flat screen TV. BenQ adds an ALR screen (either 100 or 120 inches depending on your living space) as part of its retail bundle. I tried the projector on a white wall and on the ALR (ambient light rejection) screen, I’d certainly recommend taking advantage of BenQ’s screen and free professional installation. This screen provides more realistic images since light is reflected back on ALR screens from significantly more angles than a standard screen surface. You can also enjoy high quality images without drawing your curtains when you’re chilling out on a Sunday afternoon. 

Sound and connectivity 

At its stiff price tag, a premium design and form factor are a given. The design also features some cool and handy touches like a sliding cover, akin to a panoramic sunroof in a luxury SUV. This protects the light source from dust when your projector is in standby mode. There are enough HDMI and USB ports that allow you to hook up with casting devices like an Apple TV or external media sources. A surprise omission is Bluetooth connectivity that allows devices like this to pair with sound bars. Like most of its rivals in the premium projector category, the V6000 also features integrated speakers. There are two 2x5W front channel speakers with true tone sound. While sound quality is great, volume levels disappointed on occasion, especially if the source audio levels were low. You do have the option of connecting to an external speaker via HDMI ARC or digital optical out. 

Picture quality 

Setting up the projector is very simple. I used an Apple TV throughout the review process and hardly needed to use the elegantly designed V6000 remote. I noticed an occasional lag in HDMI synchronisation which is not uncommon among some of these projectors. BenQ is betting big on the picture quality. No surprises here, the V6000 delivers true 4K UHD picture quality (3840x2160 resolution and 8.3 million pixels) and offers 98% DCI-P3 Colour Gamut which brings out the True Cinematic colours. 

The projector also boasts of HDR-PRO technology (HDR10 and HLG formats) that incorporates auto colour and tone mapping techniques. This ensures superior brightness and contrast ranges as well as ideal image optimisation. Gamers will appreciate BenQ’s MEMC solution (an advanced motion estimation and compensation technology) that keeps gaming ultra-smooth. If you’re in the market for a premium laser TV projector that’s future proof, the BenQ V6000 won’t disappoint. 

The BenQ V6000 costs Rs 4,99,000 and comes with a 32GB 4K Apple TV and an ALR screen.  

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