Neighbours asked her to stop feeding birds claiming that the birds would poop on their terrace and clothes.

Bengaluru woman gets her ear torn by neighbour for feeding birdsImage: Image for representation /Pixabay
news Thursday, November 12, 2015 - 12:13

In a shocking incident, a 45-year-old Bengaluru woman's ear was torn by her neighbour during a fight over feeding birds. The incident occurred a week ago.

According to Bangalore Mirror, Rathnamma, who fed birds near her house in Bengaluru's Banashankari area did not listen to her neighbour’s complaints of bird droppings on their clothes line and the terrace. This led to a fight last week, where the neighbour and her two daughters allegedly assaulted Rathnamma, and tore her ear. 

Rathnamma, who was immediately taken to the hospital by her son, underwent a corrective surgery. The Banashankari sub-division police have registered a case which is under further investigation. The police are yet to arrest the woman and her daughters.

Rathnamma’s son, Santhosh, told BM that his mother had been feeding the birds for the last nine years and only the ones near their house.

"Birds are fast disappearing in the city and my mother would make it a point to feed the ones near our house. Each morning, they'd perch on top of our house and start chirping indicating they were hungry. They have their grub and soon would fly away only to return the next morning. This gesture had become a problem with our neighbours,” Santhosh said.

“They keep fighting with my mother asking her to stop feeding birds claiming that the birds would poop on their terrace and clothes,” Santhosh added.

Rathnamma’s family moved from a rented house in Kathriguppe to their own house in Banashankari last year. She told BM that there were no issues with feeding birds in her rented house.

“Last week, the trio picked an argument with my mother and physically assaulted her. They tore my mother's left ear and she had to undergo a surgery for the ear. I was at home and heard my mother screaming for help. I immediately rushed and took my mother to the hospital. I then filed a complaint against the woman and her daughters,” Santhosh said.

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