The girl was held on Thursday, July 23, after her father died following a fatal injury by a pair of scissors during a scuffle that he initiated.

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A 15-year-old Bengaluru girl who was detained after a scuffle with her father led to his death, has been released on bail after a week’s detention. Treated as a child in conflict with the law, she had been detained at a juvenile home and was produced before the Juvenile Justice Board on Thursday, which is when she was granted bail. The girl was detained on Thursday, July 23, after her father, who was in an inebriated state, died after he was fatally injured by a pair of scissors during a scuffle. She had been booked under Section 304 of the IPC, which is culpable homicide not amounting to murder.

According to a Supreme Court ruling earlier in January, charges against juveniles are considered ‘heinous or serious’ if they attract a minimum of seven years’ imprisonment. While Section 304 IPC has a maximum sentence of 10 years, it does not prescribe a minimum sentence, and hence the girl was eligible to get bail. 

The girl is currently back with her family and her grandparents and uncle have flown to Bengaluru to be with her. Meanwhile, the police are still investigating the case and whether Section 100 (self-defence) can be added to the case against her.

The family had earlier told TNM that the incident took place on July 22 around 11 pm, when the girl tried to tell her father, who had been drinking heavily, not to play the piano loudly as she was trying to study. Angered by her confrontation, a scuffle ensued and the father tried to hit and attack the teenager, and picked up a sharp object. The family had said that the girl had picked up a pair of scissors to defend herself, which is when the father came charging at her and the scissors are believed to have pierced him. The girl’s younger brother, who was in another room, ran out to fetch the neighbours, who later reached the spot and called the police.

The family had told TNM that the father was an alcoholic and often behaved violently and was abusive since the death of his wife a few years ago.

“He was very learned and intelligent. After working for 12 years at an IT major, he quit. Two years in, around 2011, his wife delivered a second child. When the baby was ten days old, the mother died. This was the turning point,” the relative had said.

The relative had also narrated how he reportedly even forced his older child to drop out of school and began to home school both the kids.

The neighbour who had called the police had also mentioned in her statement that the two children have “suffered enough” and that a compassionate view be taken of the events that had transpired.

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