Bengaluru student assaulted by Ryan International School teacher for ‘giggling’

The teacher has been booked for assault and has also been terminated by the school.
Bengaluru student assaulted by Ryan International School teacher for ‘giggling’
Bengaluru student assaulted by Ryan International School teacher for ‘giggling’
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Weeks after a seven-year-old was murdered at the Ryan International School in Gurugram, an alleged case of physical abuse by a teacher has now been reported from its sister concern in Bengaluru.

Shayan*, a student of Class 9 in Ryan International School in Bengaluru, was allegedly beaten black and blue by his Physical Education and Commerce teacher, Ashok on September 18.

The teacher has been booked for assault, while the school has terminated his employment.

Speaking to TNM, Shayan's father said, “What I have gathered from my son and his friends is that on Monday (September 18) they were talking and cracking jokes. It was a free period and there was no teacher in class. The class students were making a lot of noise. When Mr Ashok tried to silence the class, he did not succeed as the students kept talking. My son and his friend were sitting in the first bench. His friend cracked a joke and Shayan giggled. That’s why he got angry.”

He claims that the teacher singled out Shayan and began punching him brutally. Shayan sustained injuries on his head, neck, back and abdomen region.

“My son could not move at all when he came home. He could barely walk. We immediately took him to a private hospital and he is still being treated for his injuries there,” his father added added.

According to the ultrasound conducted at the hospital, there is free fluid in his abdomen, for which he is currently undergoing treatment.

He said, “I know my son did not maintain discipline in class but this is brutal. There are other ways of punishing mischievous students instead of punching them repeatedly. My son’s friends told me that he kept begging the teacher to stop but Mr Ashok kept punching him until my son could not move.”

Shayan’s father also alleged that when he first approached the Bannerghatta Police Station to file a complaint on September 19, the police told him that “a teacher behaving this way is normal”.

“The police told me that unless I get a medical report, they will not file an FIR. Only after I produced the necessary documents, they filed the complaint yesterday (Friday),” he added.

The school has terminated Ashok’s employment and has also assured the parents that more measures will be taken to improve security in the school.

In a letter to all the parents, the Principal has promised that more CCTV cameras are being installed at the school to “ensure intensive coverage of all areas”.

It said that from October, a Security and Safety Officer will be appointed to ensure that the new safety protocols are being followed.

“A Safety and Security Committee will be formed which will include school administration, teachers and parents. We will inform you shortly about the committee,” the letter states.

On September 8, a seven-year-old boy was found in the toilet at Ryan International School in Gurugram with his throat slit. A bus conductor Ashok Kumar was arrested by the police for allegedly attempting to sexually assault the Class 2 student and then murdering him.

(*Name changed)

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