Bengaluru’s maximum temperature recorded on November 7 was 4 degrees higher than what it is supposed to be.

Winter in Bengaluru You may have to wait for a miracle
news Season Tuesday, November 08, 2016 - 16:24

Bengalureans might have to wait for a miracle for winter to come their way. 

Soaring at 31 degree Celsius, Bengaluru’s maximum temperature recorded on November 7 was 4 degrees higher than what it is supposed to be till mid-November.

Director of Indian Meteorological Department, Bengaluru, Sundar Metri told The News Minute that given the current condition, the temperature might drop by a degree or two in the coming days but that winter might not completely set in.

However, not just Bengaluru but the whole of south interior Karnataka will experience a warmer winter, he said.

Metri explains why this has happened: “First, cyclone ‘Kyant’ was formed in the West central area near Myanmar and moved towards Bangladesh. Another small system – an upper air cyclonic circulation, had formed about 500km away from the Eastern coast earlier in November.  This system has dragged all the Northern winds leaving south interior Karnataka untouched."

“Maximum temperatures in eight of 14 areas in south interior Karnataka where the temperatures were recorded, were higher by at least two degrees,” he said.

Of all the areas in south interior Karnataka, Chintamani taluk in Madikeri district is the worst affected. It recorded a maximum temperature of 31 degrees Celsius, which is 5 degrees above normal.

However, Metri said that districts in north interior Karnataka would experience a normal winter, just like they experienced a good southwest monsoon.

“Except for Kalaburagi that recorded 33 degrees Celsius, which is two degrees higher than normal, all districts in north interior Karnataka are experiencing normal maximum temperatures,” he said.  

With 11.5 mm rainfall in October, Bengaluru has also recorded the lowest North East monsoon in a decade. “In October 2015, Bengaluru received close to 47 mm of rainfall. The city recorded 343 mm rainfall in October 2014. The amount of northeast rainfall has varied over the years but it has not been this bad,” Metri pointed out.

Metri, however, said that there is a chance that parts of south interior Karnataka might get lucky if the new upper air cyclonic circulation that has just formed in Comorin area – below Kanyakumari in India - becomes stronger.

“It might not be much rain but very light showers in south interior Tamil Nadu and a little bit in south interior Karnataka. However, we are guessing even if it becomes stronger, the wind might be dragged away from Bengaluru, and other areas in south interior Karnataka,” he said. 

-All temperatures mentioned are as recorded on November 7 at  8:30 am. 

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