Thursday, June 04, 2015 - 05:30
Written by  Benita Chacko
  There is little time for office-goers to cook a good meal. Work schedules are tight, and at lunch and dinner, you just want some food served while you relax. Worry not, Bengaluru has its own dabbawalas now. They are hi-tech, offer interesting variety of food, and there are enough of them to choose from. Many entrepreneurs have started online food delivery businesses focussed on the working crowd. Apart from the regular lunch services like Veg Dabba, that delivers hot chappatis with subzi in offices, some novel ones also have entered the market. Here is a list of some of the food delivery services which caught our eye and are only a click away.   Mealboat For those who miss home food or those who find it difficult to cook meals at home, there are services that will bring to them the comforts of home food. Mealboat helps their consumers identify home chefs based on their locations and their taste preferences. So someone who wants to eat Malabari food living in North Bengaluru can find a home chef in his area who prepares the same. Benefit? Well, home cooked delicious food at nominal prices delivered home.   Nuts over Salads There are some services that even cater to the cravings of the health conscious in you. Nuts over Salads, a unique initiative by Abhijeet Rao, delivers premium gourmet salads on weekly and monthly subscription basis. Setting them apart from the rest is their promise to deliver good quality organic products. Some of the ingredients used, like baby spinach, coriander and capsicum, are even grown by them.   Jiyo Natural Jiyo Natural, a delivery service started  about a year back,delivers healthy food in work spaces. Dr. Sunandini, one of the founding members of Jiyo Natural told The News Minute, ”People in the city do not find time to pack a tiffin or eat healthy meals at work places and this often leads to several diseases, especially among the younger lot. Adding to this is the sedentary lifestyle which does much harm to the people.” And to counter this problem they provide healthy lunches to people which are made without any refined products and with fresh vegetables.      Chefkraft Now what if you want to cook for a date, but can’t find the right recipe and the perfect ingredients? Well, there are options to help you out of these sticky situations as well. The expert chefs from Chefkraft can guide you with their curated recipes and what’s more, the ingredients will also be delivered to you- well cut and packed in special containers.   Snackosaur They have a unique service to help fight the guilt involved with snacking. With a subscription based delivery service, they deliver their subscribed members with healthy snacks like Wasabi Peas and Granola bar every fortnight. A monthly subscription of Rs. 598, would give a customer two boxes in a month, each containing five snacks.   Foodtribe Apart from these, there are also food delivery services that cater to the special needs of the consumers. Foodtribe, an online store, provides a common platform to its customers to buy different food products from independent food artisans. The products range from pickles and chutneys to salad dressings and marinades. They even provide special hampers for different occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and as the website says even break- ups!   Fresh Pressery This unique initiative provides cold- pressed juices to detox you and revitalize the body. It is delivered to the customer in six 400 ml bottles to consume in place of meals for duration of one, two five days.   Nite Out This service is for the hungry owls. Nite Out has their services open from 10 PM till the early hours of the morning to deliver not just food but also other essentials like OTC medicines.   Brekkie This is a sure shot solution to your breakfast needs a weekly subscription of Rs. 400 and monthly subscription of Rs. 1,500. They deliver a three course breakfast from 8 am to 11 am to their customers.   All images taken from respectve Facebook pages.