Many individuals told TNM that they were being harassed to vacate PGs, despite an official clarification saying that BBMP had not issued any such orders.

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The Karnataka government’s circular on March 19 which said that those living in PG (paying guest) accommodations can move out if they so wished has put those living in such accommodations in a fix. However, despite the BBMP issuing another circular saying that there was no eviction order issued, several people got in touch with TNM that they have been asked to vacate their PGs and now have nowhere to go amid the 21-day lockdown in place across the city.

Speaking to TNM, Bengaluru PG residents say that they are being harassed, with many alleging that they are being denied food so they are forced to vacate. Some others have been given a deadline to move out.

Residents of a PG in Marathahalli have said that they are being asked to fend for themselves. However, the warden of the PG has denied the allegations. “There are about 20 people staying here. I said that I will provide food for them until April 1. After that, we will decide based on the situation. If it doesn’t change, then we will have to continue providing food! We would have no other choice.”

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Another warden of three PG buildings in Hebbal, North Bengaluru, including two women’s PGs, has said that he is trying to get people to vacate by April 1. This date was previously announced as the last day for the Karnataka lockdown. However, this has changed since Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced on Tuesday night that the country would be under lockdown, and no one should venture out for three weeks.

The warden told TNM that he was unaware of any orders against making people vacate PGs. “We are trying to make everyone vacate and I have informed all the people here. How will we pay the rent? The owners have asked me to make them leave.”

However, when reminded that this might be illegal as there is a nationwide-lockdown until next month, and that are no buses or trains running, he said, “There are only about 2-3 people who live in each PG. Those who live locally around Bengaluru have been asked to go home. But we will allow people who have no other option to continue to stay here.”

However, there are also PGs in areas like Ejipura and Bellandur, where wardens have been cooperating with government orders and are taking good care of the residents.