Bengaluru man abducted at knifepoint, friend who arranged ransom a suspect

After Rs 15 lakh was arranged by his friends, Jitu was released, but before that, he was forced to sign ownership transfer papers of his car at knifepoint.
Bengaluru man abducted at knifepoint, friend who arranged ransom a suspect
Bengaluru man abducted at knifepoint, friend who arranged ransom a suspect

A Bengaluru-based entrepreneur was abducted at knifepoint by a gang of five men, who demanded a ransom of Rs 50 lakh from him. 

It turns out that the entrepreneur’s friend who arranged part of the ransom of Rs 6.5 lakh, is a suspect and is now being questioned by the police. 

The entire incident played out in an unusual way. 

On Thursday, 36-year-old entrepreneur Jita Mitra’s car was hit from behind after which occupants of the other vehicle asked him to shell out Rs 1,000 as “damages”. 

After Jita refused to give the money citing “no fault” of his own, he was coerced into getting into their car by the gang of five men, on the pretext of going to the police station.

All this happened at around 7:30pm on Thursday evening near Atria Institute of Technology, Hebbal on 5th Main Road near RT Nagar Police Station. For the next few hours, he was held captive at knifepoint by the abductors inside their car.

“They did not let me take my car. As soon as I got into the car, they slashed my hand with knives. They told me someone had asked them to kidnap me for Rs 50 lakh and they will release me only if I can arrange the money,” Jita told TNM.

“They threatened me keeping the knife close to my neck and I realised something was amiss. I was in shock, as I am not such a wealthy person to be kidnapped for such a big amount. They took me to Yelahanka, and asked me to start calling my friends to arrange the money,” he added.

The abductors made him call his friends for the money, making sure he did not call the police. Two of his friends--Prabhu and Wasim that the kidnappers made him call, arranged Rs 6.5 lakh each for a total of Rs 15 lakh by 8am on Friday, after which Jita was released.

But before his release, Jita was forced to sign documents at knifepoint, transferring ownership of his car to the abductors.

After he was set free, Jita approached the Hebbal police who registered a case of abduction, assault and criminal conspiracy.

Investigation Officer Narasimha told TNM, “Upon investigation, it now seems that Wasim is hand-in-glove with the abductors. Till now, he has not been arrested but we are questioning him.”

DCP North Chetan Singh Rathore corroborated this development but said, "We need more proof. So far, we cannot counter-question, as we have not got hold of any of the abductors." 

Speaking to TNM, Jita also expressed his suspicion. “Initially when he (Wasim) came and sat with me, he consoled me but this time, I did not see any of the money. He was arranging it behind my back,” he said. 

Jita’s other friend is not a suspect at the moment, and he knows both of them through business dealings.

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