Bengaluru to host unique two-day smartphone filmmaking workshop

The workshop will be conducted by National Award-winning filmmaker Venkat Amudhan.
Bengaluru to host unique two-day smartphone filmmaking workshop
Bengaluru to host unique two-day smartphone filmmaking workshop
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Ever thought of making a film on your smartphone? Well, here’s your chance. Conducted by National Award-winning filmmaker Venkat Amudhan, Barebones is a unique and immersive two-day workshop that teaches the fundamentals of making a movie on your smartphone. The workshop teaches how to take an idea from script to screen and participants will be able to make their first three-minute short film in just two days.

The workshop is "immersive" - which means that the participants will be required to stay overnight at the location, and accommodation and food will be included in the workshop fees. Participants will get hands-on training on the latest filmmaking equipment and industry-standard editing software.

Participants of the workshop will also learn how to finance their film, how to select the best international film festivals to showcase their film, and a 30-day mentorship with Venkat Amudhan to learn the ins and outs of filmmaking in detail. 

Venkat Amudhan is an alumnus of the prestigious Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute in Kolkata and Busan Asian Film School in South Korea. His films have been awarded and recognized in International film festivals in Busan, Berlin, Tampere, Taiwan, Goa, and Kolkata. He was the recipient of the National Award for his student film. He spends his time currently between making award-winning ads for brands, consulting for international film projects, and working on his own feature film.

Speaking about the workshop, Venkat said, “We predominantly got the idea of this workshop keeping in mind smartphone as a mode of expression so to speak. It is mainly geared towards understanding how you can push your mobile camera to perform like a medium that is close to good visual imagery.”

"It’s predominantly targeted at people who are keen on understanding how to tell stories through visual medium because visual medium has got its own syntax. And that syntax when we put into a mobile camera, what accessories go with it through which you can send your stories; there are limitations to it but within that, how do you tell your story, whether it’s like a blog or a documentary or any communication medium you want to establish. This is the main agenda of the workshop."

The workshop is not limited to any age-group per se but it’s mainly targeted at people who are around 16-18 years and above. People who have used a mobile camera if not to shoot but to click pictures, and who are aware of what kind of stories they want to say, that’s the target audience, he added.  

The workshop will be held on September 1 and 2, 2018 at The School of Ancient Wisdom (Map). The cost of the workshop is Rs 19,999 per person (all inclusive).

If you are interested in attending the workshop, you can register here.

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