Bengaluru doggies’ adoption centre needs more space, and you can help

CUPA has had to turn down many cases because of inadequate space.
Bengaluru doggies’ adoption centre needs more space, and you can help
Bengaluru doggies’ adoption centre needs more space, and you can help
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Compassion Unlimited Plus Action (CUPA), an NGO which provides relief and rescue to street animals in Bengaluru, has started a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to relocate to a larger facility in Sarjapur.

CUPA's Second Chance Adoption Centre is currently housed in a 4900 square metre facility near Silkboard junction. Sanjana Madappa, who has been working with CUPA for four years now, says that after the number of dogs housed in their facility went up to 52 in March, they had to turn away many cases because they did not have the capacity.

"We realised that with the number of animals we have and the number of cases we get, we cannot keep operating out of a place that is no longer adequate for our needs," Sanjana says.

The property in Sarjapur is worth Rs 45 lakh, of which the organisation has raised Rs 29 lakh so far. A part of these funds have been raised through the crowdfunding campaign started by Juhi Sheth, who has been volunteering with CUPA for a few years now.

Sanjana says that they were able to raise the first Rs 26 lakh by donations from companies and individuals. The second phase of their funding attempts to raise Rs 5 lakh from the crowdfunding campaign. They have raised a little over Rs 2,39,000 so far.

In the third phase, CUPA will reach out to individuals to donate for developing certain sections in the new property and in return, have it named after their dog. For the final phase of their funding, the Lalit Ashok, a high end hotel, will host a fundraising campaign for CUPA on May 27.

According to the information on the campaign page, here's how the funds raised will be used:

"Building infrastructure: 10 enclosures for dogs with behavioural issues. 25 individual enclosures, 8 shared enclosures for the friendly dogs. These are mostly to be used only at night time, for the dogs' own safety.

Building an operation theatre: To be able to handle emergencies and other procedures in-house.

Building an enriched area: To host campaigns and have offsite days with schools, colleges and companies to create awareness on animal welfare and treatment issues."

Sanjana says that they have already given their six month notice period at the current facility, which means they have until September to relocate as well as build the new facility from scratch.

You can access the crowdfunding campaign here.

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