There has been friction between the labourers and residents of the apartment in the past too

In Bengaluru Chased and attacked by labourers for protecting his niece from harassmentInjured Adil in the hospital
news Tuesday, September 08, 2015 - 22:30

In a shocking incident in Bengaluru, a 24-year old was attacked by a group of men with rods when he tried to protect his niece. The incident happened in Salarpuria Sattva Greenage on Hosur road, when 24-year old Adil was dropping his niece to the school bus.

According to the residents of the apartment, some from a group of 15 to 20 labourers passed a lewd comment on the girl. A distraught Adil dropped his niece off and came back to question labourers. He told the media that they became angry and attacked him. 

"Adil questioned the eve teasers when they replied saying 'your niece is young. Wait till she grows up'."

Many morning walkers too were witness to the clash where Adil was chased by a group of labourers and more joined. Beaten up by the labourers, he suffered a fracture on his face and sustained injuries on his spine. Chased by the labourers, he hid in a room and by then his family members had informed the police. 

The labourers attacked Adil's brother-in-law, who came to help, leaving him with a bleeding leg.


Adil's brother-in-law


The family alleged that the police took their sweet time to come to the apartment and claimed there had been a traffic block. 

"The police did not arrive for one and half hours. Later, when we tried to file a police complaint, they were not receptive. The police initially said this was a small incident. Later, the police also said someone had called and alerted them that a hoax complaint would be filed. A complaint was registered only after we insisted," said one of the women who was witness to the incident.

She added,"Even house-helps complain of harassment by the labourers."

The apartment houses almost 1400 families has witnessed friction between the labourers and residents before. 

There were many labourers working out of the apartment as construction work in the apartment complex was still not over, and few more blocks were being constructed

One resident told the media that there have been incidents in the past when lewd comments were passed on a girl but the management did not take any action.