The 120-bed centre will treat moderately ill COVID-19 patients who need oxygen support, with each bed equipped with an oxygen concentrator.

A bed with an oxygen concentrator beside it
Coronavirus COVID-19 Saturday, May 15, 2021 - 18:17

A 120-bed hospital for moderately ill COVID-19 patients, equipped with oxygen support has been set up at Canadian International School in Bengaluru as a joint effort by various stakeholders. Cytecare Cancer Hospitals, in collaboration with Cloudphysician, a health-tech company, on May 15 announced the “step-down” hospital setup which put the 120-bed hostel at the Canadian International School to use. City-based NGO Humanist Centre for Medicine and the Bengaluru chapter of Entrepreneurs Organisation has helped raise funds for the initiative.

Beds at this hospital will be given for free to poor patients and will be allotted as per BBMP guidelines to others. Each bed is equipped with an oxygen concentrator, and other healthcare facilities including nursing care. Doctors and nurses will monitor the patients every four hours, six times a day, a media release said. Canadian International School is located in Yelahanka. The centre was inaugurated on May 15 by SR Vishwanath - MLA, Yelahanka and CK Baba, Deputy Commissioner of Police, North East Division, Bengaluru.

The centre also has a centralized clinical command room for allocation of oxygen beds. “All the clinical and non-clinical information will flow into a system to allow the Clinical command room - monitored round-the-clock by senior intensivists and senior nurses - to look at the data real-time and help the clinical team address treatment protocols for patients, accordingly,” said Suresh Ramu, Co-founder and CEO, Cytecare Cancer Hospitals.

“Currently, a small percentage of Covid-19 patients require care in a High Dependency Unit (HDU) or Intensive Care Unit (ICU). With this Centre, we will be able to provide the level of care, essential for moderately ill Covid patients in need of oxygen support in a timely and efficient manner. This will also ensure a reduced load on hospitals, freeing up the beds for those requiring HDU/ICU care,” said Dr. Dileep Raman from Cloudphysician.

For the not-for-profit venture, Humanist Centre for Medicine raised Rs 6 crore; while Entrepreneurs’ Organisation raised funds to buy 130 oxygen concentrators and other equipment needed to furnish the room at the facility.