Bengaluru apartment lift crashes injuring 4 Hyd law students

The four women were staying in an apartment in Frazer Town when a cable snapped, sending the lift car hurtling down, according to reports.
Bengaluru apartment lift crashes injuring 4 Hyd law students
Bengaluru apartment lift crashes injuring 4 Hyd law students
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Four Hyderabad law students suffered injuries when the lift collapsed after a cable snapped in an apartment building in Frazer Town in Bengaluru on Sunday night, according to reports.

Three students were seriously injured, while one was treated as an outpatient. The four women have been identified as Akshara, 20, Tanushree, 24, Falaq, 20, and Ishika, 20, reports say.

The four women are all second-year law students at Symbiosis Law School in Hyderabad. They were staying at a Silver Nest Apartment in Bengaluru for an internship for two weeks, The Hindu reported.

The women were taking the lift from the third floor to the ground floor around 9.30 pm when the lift halted on the first floor, reports say. Though Tanushree reportedly managed to step out on the first floor, the lift cable snapped and the lift car was sent hurting down. Tanushree lost balance and fell through the lift well and on top of the lift, while the others were stuck inside the lift.

Three of the women have sustained multiple fractures and require surgery. Tanushree, who fell on top of the elevator car, suffered pelvic fractures as well as cuts on her face and nose. Akshara has fractures on both legs, and Falaq sustained a right-ankle fracture, The Hindu reported. Ishika was treated as an outpatient and faced a soft tissue injury to her right ankle.

They were rushed to Hosmat Hospital around midnight, Deccan Herald reported.

Police are treating the incident as a case of negligence causing grievous injuries against the building owner and lift maintenance company, according to reports.

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