Here is what you can do to protect your pets from heat, and exhaustion and keep them healthy and cool.

Beating the heat for your pet Five things you should follow as a pet-parent
news Monday, April 18, 2016 - 16:03

With temperatures soaring like never before, shielding pets from the heat wave is the top priority of every pet parent. Here is what you can do to protect your pets from heat, and exhaustion and keep them healthy and cool.

1. Keep them hydrated

While it might sound simple and common, keeping a clean and fresh bowl of water available for your pets is the most important way to beat the heat. While one can add electrolytes to water once a day, pet parents should keep in mind to keep the fizzy drinks far away from the pets. Sugary drinks are a strict no for the pets.

2. Tweak their schedule

Take your pets for an early morning walk, and if that is not possible, take them well after the sun has set in the evening. Remember that your pets do not wear shoes like you, and can be burnt by the tar roads. Try and take your dog for a walk in the nearest park. Try to schedule their vet appointments in the afternoon. Also, contrary to the rest of the year, a bubble bath, twice a week during these scorching heat months is most recommended.

 3. Indoors, please

If you are someone who keeps your pets out in your verandah or let them free in your terrace or a nice little kennel you have built for them outside your house, bring them inside the cool confines of your home, immediately. The flat-chested, elderly pets, usually dogs with lung disease or heart concern are more likely to get a heat stroke. Keep the fan switched on for them, or if possible, the air conditioner. Avoid outdoors as much as possible, and keep exercising to minimum.

 4. The fur dilemma

While shaving off the fur of your cat or dog might seem like a practical option, it will make the dog more susceptible to sunburns. Instead, take the balanced approach and keep the coat of your pet well groomed. The natural coat acts as the buffer and has the ability to protect the pets from over-heating and regulates their body temperature in the same manner. Avoid direct contact between ice-cubes and the coat of your pets as this might cause the blood vessels to constrict.

 5. Treat your pets to goodies

A one day retreat will be just what your dogs need this summer. Take them to a pet friendly place on a relatively warm day, like swimming, perhaps. Few spoonfuls of curd, in the afternoon, will be a good substitute to the ice-creams that they may very well like, but is harmful to their system. Also, wet a towel in cold water and wrap them around your pets. Imported products like cool-coat, cool-blanket and water beds are now available in the market that will make your pets feel cool, despite the harsh heat.

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