Ms Shabash is stealing the hearts of Bangladeshis.

This Bangladeshi superwoman is a badass fighting the skin-whitening industry and AuntybotsMighty Punch Studios/Facebook
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She is the Bangladeshi female version of Clark Kent, Superman's secret identity. By day, she is a busy journalist working for a lifestyle magazine, and at night she transforms into a cape wearing, feisty, badass crusader. 

Launched in March 2015 on the occasion of International Women's Day, Ms Shabash, a self-consciously feminist comic, has been created by Mighty Punch Studios. Incidentally, the Bangaldesh publisher also gave the country its very first superhero, Shabash – who happens to be the brother of Ms. Shabash.

Ms Shabash has been written by Samir Asran Rahman and the illustrations are by Fahim Anzoom Rumman, Shamim Ahmed and Mosharraf Hussain. 

During one of her exploits, Ms Shabash has to deal with Ms Porcha, who runs a skin-lightening cream company. Porcha aka evil Whitewash falls into a tank of Chemical W and mutates into a tentacled mess after overdosing on her own product.

And, wait for it, there are zombies too. 

Mighty Punch Studios/Facebook

While Ms Shabash fights the skin-whitening industry in just one of the episodes in the comic, it is none-the-less interesting since it comes from a region that is obsessed with white skin

In another story, Ms Shabash has to "outwit a swarm of Auntybots that are patrolling the city and poking their noses into everyone’s affairs, often with explosive results".

Though Ms. Shabash and Shabash are siblings- both were born in an alternate universe, ANISURNDC writes in his blog that they are very different characters. "Like him, (she) has the ability to fly and is powered by mango. However, unlike Shabash who needs to be motivated by his friends to jump into actions, Ms. Shabash is very proactive and self-motivated... She is very devoted to her profession and gives her best to maintain standard of her work."

Needless to say, the comic has been stealing the hearts of Bangladeshis. But then, what's not like about her? 

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