Though several fans were curious to see Bala’s version of the film, they seem to have been deeply disappointed.

Varmaa meme with grumpy baby image
Flix Kollywood Wednesday, October 07, 2020 - 14:47

Director Bala’s version of Varmaa released online on Tuesday. The India streaming platforms for the film are The Ally, Shreyas ET and Shemaroo Me while the overseas streaming platforms are Simply South and Tentkotta. However, though several fans were curious to see Bala’s version of the film, they seem to have been deeply disappointed.

In fact, social media is full of memes and posts trolling Varmaa and director Bala.

Clips from the film have been doing the rounds on the internet, with social media users trolling the unrealistic depictions. The one where Dhruv Vikram, playing Varmaa, uses a lighter to make a baby turn its position within the uterus has especially led to much mirth.

This meme combines the scene from the film with the image of a ‘grumpy baby’ that went viral some months ago.

The same ‘grumpy baby’ in this meme asks, “Who’s that idiot who burnt my foot?”

‘Grumpy baby’ in this meme takes inspiration from Asuran, where Dhanush’s character advises his son to study well and become a doctor but to never repeat what happened to him to another.


Another clip which shows Varmaa and Megha (Megha Chowdhury) romancing in a room, with Varmaa literally flying in the air, has also been trolled.

The original, Arjun Reddy, has been called out for its problematic gender politics earlier but Varmaa seems to have added to the glorified misogyny.

A scene from the film where a woman is forced to worship his penis to make him leave has also turned into a meme template, calling out the hypocrisy of Varmaa’s “progressive” thoughts about women.

Bala’s was the first Tamil remake of the Telugu blockbuster Arjun Reddy. However, producer E4 Entertainment was unhappy with the version and decided to reshoot the entire film with a new director and with significant changes to the cast, including the heroine.

Adithya Varma, directed by Gireesaaya, was released in November last year. But though Dhruv received appreciation for his performance, the film failed to make a splash. Following this, there was a demand for Bala’s cut to be released. That, however, has only backfired as is clear with the meme fest.

This meme compares Dhruv in Varmaa to Bobby Simha’s character in Jigarthanda, where he acts in a film that’s supposed to glorify him but deliberately mocks him instead.

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