With friends like these, who needs enemies?

Bad friends worse kidnappers Kerala grooms buddies abduct him for prank get bookedImage for representation only/ commons.wikimedia.org
news Wednesday, March 21, 2018 - 18:44

What good are friends who don’t pull your leg once in a while, and play some harmless pranks on you for some LoLs? Well, at least they’re better than friends who choose to kidnap you on your wedding day, and cause widespread panic for everyone involved!

25-year-old Mahir*, who got married on Sunday, would vouch for this. The Kannur native was ‘kidnapped’ by five of his buddies for a prank, and Mahir’s distressed family ended up filing a police complaint when the groom did not turn up for his own reception.

After the wedding ceremony at the bride's house in Elavancode, Mahir was returning to his house in Kadavathur, to prepare for a reception at the bride's house scheduled later in the evening. However, Mahir's friends had a different plan for their newly wedded friend.

They 'abducted' him.

Narrating the incident, Kolavallur police, who booked Mahir's friends Sadiq, Nabeel, Ismail, Homer and Aseeb, told TNM, "After the wedding was over, it was one of the friends who was asked to drive the groom's car. The other friends also got in the car, while the groom's family traveled in another vehicle. Instead of going to the groom's house, they drove to Nadapuram."

According to the police, the friends even "confiscated" Mahir's mobile phone and prevented him from contacting his family. When Mahir failed to reach his house on time, his family panicked. Unable to reach him on phone, Mahir's father approached the police.

"His father was really upset about the whole issue. By night, the gang came back home. They said they intended it as a prank on the groom, but his family was terribly upset and filed a case," said the police.

The five friends were charged under sections 342 and section 346 for unlawfully detaining a person. They were granted bail the same day.

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