Flix Monday, June 29, 2015 - 05:30
He resisted it with all his might for a year. But now, Babuji has finally fallen prey to what he has always cautioned his on-screen betis: “buri sangath ka asar” (the influence of bad company). Slightly over a year after he joined “the party” on Twitter, Alok Nath seems to be letting loose, using the B-word. Normally, it would have had a liberating effect, but Bollywood’s favourite babuji may have chosen the wrong time to free himself from clutches of high culture. He called Kavita Krishnan, an activist a “bitch”. What’s more, his exact words on Twitter were: “Jail the bitch”. Maybe someone should remind him that its supposed to be “babul ki duayen leti ja” and not “babul ki gaaliyan leti ja”. In response to this tweet.   Babuji #AlokNath has smoked way too many agarbattis today. #LOLSanskari pic.twitter.com/VphDayfLdY — Aditya Menon (@AdityaMenon22) June 29, 2015 Seriously @aloknath? Calling a woman a bitch after you post a #SelfieWithDaughter? How does that work? I am lost here! — Shakthi (@v_shakthi) June 29, 2015 I will not stand for AlokNath's one tweet but I will never stand for Kavita's regular abusive behavior .. Infact she needs to be condemned ! — shilpi tewari (@shilpitewari) June 28, 2015 Pic 1:@aloknath sir in Normal Mode Pic 2: when see Kavita Krishnan's Tweet CC: @Ra_Bies @sagarcasm @coolfunnytshirt pic.twitter.com/ak4G4gdJwe — lagharvagharamdavadi (@vlvareloaded) June 29, 2015 Remember those sanskaari memes? Seems like they are out of vogue!
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