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The News Minute | September 10, 2014 | 05:45 pm IST A day at the spa can mean the ideal day off many of us- meaning adults. The massage, the detox, the pampering- all these seem like the perfect way to unwind and let go off some of the stress and pressure that's been building up in our minds. But a trip to the spa for a rejuvenating massage is no longer a destination just for adults. Babies apparently need it to, for somewhat different reasons though. Float Baby, in Houston, Texas, is catering to that very need of their 'little' clientele. Its website reads, 'First in the United States, Float Baby offers a safe, supervised and social environment for parents and their babies where growth, brain development, motor movement and strength can begin before crawling. By floating, your baby is able to thrive in an already familiar water environment. It allows your baby to achieve major physical and cognitive developmental milestones by as much as 50% ahead of non-water peers.' This spa uses floating techniques for babies- a special doughnut-shaped floatation devices is put around their necks that provide support to them in the water and also allow them to freely float and move. The parents, who are coached by the owner of the spa Kristi Ison, then give massages to their babies.  “The newborns especially like it, we see them float and then have a little cat nap while they’re floating. The older babies, they really like to kick around and splash and socialize", Today Parents quotes Ison as saying. ( All images source: Float Baby )
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