The duo has been charged of murder, conspiracy, attempt to destroy evidence and theft

Attingal Twin Murder Case Man awarded death sentence woman gets life imprisonment
news Monday, April 18, 2016 - 11:27

The Thriruvananthapuram Principal sessions judge on Monday awarded death sentence to the prime accused Nino Mathew in the Attingal twin murder case.

Calling it a rarest of rare crime Judge V Shircyalso awarded co-convict Anu Shanthi to life saying she is an insult to motherhood.


Former Technopark employees Nino Mathew and Anu Shanthi were found guilty of murder by the Thriruvananthapuram Principal sessions judge on Friday, on charges of twin murder of Anu Shanthi’s mother-in-law Omana (60), and her three-year-old daughter Swastika.

The murders happened in April 2014 in Attingal, after Anu Shanthi’s husband Lijeesh objected to her extra marital affair with Nino Mathew. Lijeesh, however, escaped the murder attempt and sustained injuries. Nino Mathew was nabbed the same day and after he confessed to the crime, Anu Shanthi was also arrested. After recording their arrests, the police recovered murder weapons from his house- a matchete and a baseball bat, a towel that was used to wipe the weapons clean and gold ornaments that he stole from the bodies to make it look like a robbery attempt.

The duo has been charged of murder, conspiracy, attempt to destroy evidence and theft.  After the prosecution examined as many as 49 witnesses, 85 exhibits and 41 material objects, Judge V Shircy found Anu Shanthi equally guilty as she was aware of Nino Mathew’s plans.

A case of transmitting obscene material in electronic form was also charged against the duo, after the police found self-shot videos of his sexual acts with Anu Shanthi in his laptop and mobile phone that were recovered.

The crime was solved within 24 hours and charge sheet filed on the 83rd day of the crime.

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