Flix Saturday, June 06, 2015 - 05:30
Nirmukta, an online group of freethinkers, has accused Facebook of censoring the content of its page called Indian Atheists. On their website on Saturday, Nirmukta has alleged that the Indian Atheists content could not be shared by its subscribers and was flagged as “unsafe” by Facebook. The website adds that while none of their posts had been flagged by the social media platform, “the entire Indian Atheists page has been flagged as unsafe and we are not able to share our posts or even tag Indian Atheists in any post or even in closed groups.” Image courtesy: Nirmukta The website also stated that the group had tried to get in touch with Facebook over the issue. Several members of the Facebook group also said they had complained to the company in the comments section, but have not received a response until the time of writing. Taking a dig at Facebook’s actions, the group posted on Saturday: “Sorry, are you trying to promote rationalism and secular humanism in India, you may be 'unsafe' for facebook.” In the post, the website also tried to reason out why their content was censored. “Was it our stance against Hindutva, or posts against endorsement of homeopathy and other “alternate medicines” issued by Delhi government in Delhi metro? Was it our articles on the mid-brain activation scam, that plagues our country, have upset a lot of practitioners of the scam? Or was it the article that talked about beef eating practices in ancient India and criticised the banning of beef in some states?” However, when The News Minute attempted, posts from the Indian Atheists Facebook page could be shared.