Arya Vysyas protest: TDP MP says Kancha Ilaiah's legs should be broken

Last month, Kancha filed a case against another TDP MP, after the latter called for his public execution.
Arya Vysyas protest: TDP MP says Kancha Ilaiah's legs should be broken
Arya Vysyas protest: TDP MP says Kancha Ilaiah's legs should be broken
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Yet another TDP MP triggered controversy on Friday after he demanded that people should break writer and social scientist Kacnha Ilaiah's legs.

Arya Vysya organisations have been holding protests in parts of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh and burning the writer's effigies, seeking a ban on his book 'Komatollu Samajika Smagglarlu' (Komatollu are social smugglers).

Speaking at an event on Friday, TD MP from Eluru, Maganti Venkateswara Rao, said that people from the Arya Vysya community would break the legs of those who speak ill against the community. 

He added that no community would accept it, if their feelings were intentionally hurt by someone.

Maganti is not the first MP to lash out against the writer.

Last month, Kancha filed a case against TDP MP TG Venkatesh, after the latter made extreme remarks calling for his public execution by hanging.

The TDP MP had lashed out at the writer calling him a ‘traitor’ who was trying to create communal tensions and divide the society and further went on to call for his public execution.

Earlier this week, came out of his self-imposed house arrest and declared that he no longer fears anyone, and if he dies, the state is to be blamed.

“If I die, the state should take responsibility. If I die let the world know that the state had failed,” he remarked.

Ilaiah was addressing a gathering speaking on the eve of his birthday celebrations at the Osmania University in Hyderabad.

Expressing his dissatisfaction over the Indian intellectuals who didn’t express solidarity, when he was under attack for writing a book, which is critical in nature, he said, “Social smuggler is an academic concept. This should be an academic discussion and scholars should engage in it.”

Addressing the gathering, Ilaiah thundered, “I am not afraid of death. A person who fears death cannot change the society.”

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