“It has been my privilege to bring the Newshour to you every night.”

Arnab bids adieu to Newshour tells viewers its their voice that counts
news TV News Wednesday, November 02, 2016 - 08:44

Hours after news broke that Arnab Goswami was quitting Times Now after 10 long years, an era which changed the nature of English TV news in India, it became apparent that Wednesday’s Newshour could be Arnab’s last.

In a final message to the viewers, a rather calm Goswami, with a half-smile, said ‘good bye’ to his viewers, ‘only for tonight’.

“Viewers many of you called in today to give your views and speak up and join the debate. I am really sorry, we are not taking calls live. So, I couldn’t speak to you, and I want you to know tonight, and every night, bringing the Newshour to you has been my privilege. That your voice gives us strength, and that on the Newshour tonight, and everything, it is finally your voice and your participation that counts. Only for tonight, good night ladies and gentlemen, and good bye,” he said, and pulled back, as his shot faded away into the Times Now graphic.

Watch it here:


Later, he told the newsroom that 'the game has just begun':


But it wasn’t just Times Now which was talking about his exit in the TV news world. CNN News18 too picked up, and ran a segment on his resignation and what next.


As social media trends on Arnab topped and websites traffic spiked over the news of his resignation, everyone wanted to know – what next for Arnab?

Read our story on that here.

Meanwhile, there have been reports that several key employees in Times Now have already quit following his resignation. If they will follow Arnab into his new venture, and what will happen to Times Now, remains to be seen. 

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