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The News Minute | October 13, 2014 | 9.34 pm IST The thought might have occurred to many people: Many people can be assholes, but it is only the rich ones who can get away with it”. There now exists research of various types to prove this. According an article published by Salon, here are some of the ways in which rich people are “different” from everybody else, and these are all backed by research: Lower class people are more generous, helpful, trusting charitable than people who are rich.  Rich people tend to be more kanjus, and give to charity depending on the economic conditions, unlike poorer people. There is also research to show that over-confident people are more likely to be promoted, and the higher status can often increase over-confidence. People tend to attribute positive qualities to people who may have done better than themselves, and similarly tend to attribute negative qualities to victims of any kind. Narcissistic CEOs are better paid than other CEOs.  People who look better are paid better, especially people of colour Investment bankers, financiers are overpaid, and their annual package has little to do with actual merit Many wealthy people tend to attribute their success to themselves when often, it is a result of things beyond their control. This sort of leads to a narcissistic personality. The writer Sean McElwee finishes the article with: “All humans all delusional. It is only the rich who have that delusion fostered. All humans are, to some extent, assholes. But only rich people can get away with it.”
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