The two languages were added to the newly released iOS 11.

Apple unveils Kannada Malayalam keyboards for iPhones and iPadsImage for representational purpose only
Atom Tech Shorts Saturday, June 10, 2017 - 10:31

Apple had released the latest prices for its entire range of products being sold to Indian customers. It was found that the company has reduces some prices and in some products, retained the previous prices but improved the internals and features.  

Yet another announcement coming out of the ongoing developers’ conference, WWDC 2017 in San Jose, relates to the addition of Kannada and Malayalam keyboards to the newly released operating system iOS 11 for all mobile devices. These include the iPhones and iPads.

Eight to nine languages are already available - Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Punjabi, Marathi, Telugu, Gujarati and Tamil. By the addition of Kannada and Malayalam, now, the full component of South Indian languages is represented on Apples devices. In addition, the iOS keyboards also have the option to use Hinglish, where one can type in English and the text will appear in Hindi.

The presence of these languages means the users can type in their own languages to send messages and mails from their devices and not struggle with the English language.

It must be acknowledged here that this announcement by Apple has come from over five years of struggle by interested groups to convince the Cupertino headquartered technology giant to include a Kannada keyboard.

They ran a concerted campaign on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter and even thousands of mails were sent to the company for this purpose. All those people must be feeling very relieved and happy that their efforts have paid off.

One should hasten to clarify that this is only an announcement. The new version of the iOS itself will first be released in some time in the beta version and it may carry these two keyboards as well. The actual update for the devices will be released only by September when Apple makes all their big-ticket announcements every year.

So those owning Apple devices need to wait till then to start typing in Kannada or Malayalam. In addition, it must also be remembered that almost with every update in the OS, Apple may retire certain old models out of the reckoning for receiving the updates.      

There is also the issue of dedicated apps being developed for use with the Kannada language. Again, here the company has clarified that it is too early to talk about such a possibility.

The announcement towards this may come much later, maybe after a few months of the keyboard being in actual existence and usage

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