According to information leaked or gathered, the new phone will incorporate stainless steel and the display will sport a curved glass.

Apples new iPhone to be released - a bold gamble highlighting its technical prowess
Atom Technology Friday, April 21, 2017 - 14:18

There are rumours among the tech circles that Apple will be releasing not just two iPhones, the iPhone 8 and 8Plus, but three of them. While a lot has been said, and written about the improvements being contemplated over the iPhone 7 and 7Plus, very little was being speculated upon in respect of the third device. It now transpires that the third phone is the one that might be used by Apple to demonstrate its technological capabilities. Apple’s innovative prowess has always been marvelled by the analysts and the users of their products alike. But some quarters have been raising a few questions if Apple is losing that edge somewhat?

Perhaps this third phone that Apple is working on, could answer these sceptics.

According to information leaked or gathered, the new phone will incorporate stainless steel and the display will sport a curved glass and will provide maximum space within the display screen with bezels cut to the bare minimum. For those who closely observe this Cupertino headquartered giant, the excitement is also linked to the completion of 10 years since the introduction of the iPhone and they expect the company to come up with something dramatic. Based on the fact that companies like Samsung and LG have already launched their smartphones with bezel-less display, Apple cannot afford to overlook this factor and the new iPhone is bound to have this feature. The only question is how Apple’s technical team tackles this issue of a larger display within the same overall phone size and also makes the holding of the phone comfortable in the palm. Remember Apple never wanted to go beyond the 4.5inch size so that even people, particularly the women customers, with small hands, will find no difficulty in holding the phones in their palms.

From the display point also, that the new premium phone will have an OLED display is a given. Analysts also feel if Apple succeeds in using stainless steel instead of aluminium for the phone’s body, it could bring in a new paradigm and could even turn out to be a gamechanger. It is not easy to do with stainless steel what one can do with aluminium. It is a harder metal/material.

On the camera front, the expectation of the market is that Apple again usher in a revolution by placing the dual rear cameras in the centre or horizontally, instead of the normal vertical alignment. Similarly, the prediction or at least the wish list includes a dual camera setup in the front as well!

Another much discussed aspect relates to the Home button in the upcoming iPhone. The market expectation is for Apple to bite the bullet and go for a virtual sensor underneath the OLED display instead of placing a physical one in the rear. If the display is going to be expanded, then it becomes all the more difficult to accommodate the button on the screen. The concern is that the technology for this big change is still very nascent and it could be a gamble Apple might take, if it has to regain that superiority in the technology space, at least where these electronic devices are concerned. Already the incorporation of Augmented Reality (AR) in the new phones is keeping people on the edge of their seats. The improvements in Siri are also expected to be of a significant nature.

These rumours also confirm that the new phone to be launched this fall will not cost less than $1000.  

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