Apple may launch three iPhones this year, of which one is rumoured to be priced as a entry-level smartphone.

Apple rumoured to launch 61-inch iPhone with 189 LCD display in 2018Image for representation
Atom Tech Shorts Thursday, January 25, 2018 - 12:49
Written by  S. Mahadevan

Following the new that Apple might stop production of the iPhoneX, rumours have emerged of its flagship for the year. Going by practice, the company is expected to release three smartphones this fall and if one were to go by these rumours and speculation, one among these 3 phones will be an entry-level device.

The major revelation is with regards to the display to be fitted on this new entry level iPhone to be launched this year. While the display on the regular models will be the same OLED display seen on the iPhone X, Apple is likely to go in for the Japan Display technology, which uses what is being described as the Full Active LCD technology.

The rumoured phone will sport a 6-inch LCD display that has a fixed screen resolution of 2160x1080 pixels and they also come with an aspect ratio of 18:9. These are the standard specs the Japan Displays come with. The pixel density with these display specs is 395ppi. There was an earlier report that suggested that the display will be 6.1inches and the density only around 330ppi.

Those publishing these rumours are not clear how or what, with this display and aspect ratio, the iPhone’s dimensions will turn out to be.

Some of the other details about the phones include the phone’s outer frame made of aluminium instead of stainless steel and the camera setup in the rear will sport a single sensor instead of 2. These are the changes the company wants to make one of the three phones an entry-level one, possibly to provide a wider and cheaper alternative to the buyers of Apple phones.

The 3D touch is also being done away with. There is also speculation that Apple may price this phone around $700 to $800, which is slightly lower than the price of the iPhoneX.