However, the launch is subject to COVID-19 not derailing Apple’s plans.

Apple likely to launch new 13-inch MacBook Pro in May 2020Image for representation
Atom Tech Shorts Tuesday, April 07, 2020 - 11:38

The latest rumour around Apple’s plans for its products is that the company is planning to launch a new MacBook Pro laptop with a 13-inch display in the month of May 2020. Among the other rumours, you would have heard about the release of the iPhone 9 or SE2 this April 15. The regular annual event in the fall to launch the iPhone 12 models will also be on course.

Most of the information you hear about the plans Apple Inc has for the launch of its products is through rumours and speculation. Some of them may glean some information from a component vendor or other supply chain sources. Others relay on leaks by case makers etc.

In the case of the leaks around its Macbook, the rumour adds a caveat that this is subject to there being no disruption due to the coronavirus pandemic. The fact is Apple has been quite lucky that it has had the minimal impact due to the COVID-19 disturbance, including in China. Though the company would have lost heavily due to closing down all its Apple stores throughout, the loss due to production disruption has not been very significant. Apple moved in early and shifted some production lines to Taiwan and Vietnam from China. When production is Chinese factories resumed after the lockdown there was lifted, Foxconn, the contract manufacturer for Apple, issued a statement that it is catching up with the loss of production and there won’t be any major shortfall or delay in supplies.

That may be one reason, the company could go ahead and launch its iPad Pro models recently and the shipments were being directly handled from China to the customers in various parts including the US.

The same may be working now also, with the MacBook Pro being launched next month, if this rumour is to be believed.

Interestingly, there are no other details available on the laptop. It is left to you to guess what new to expect in the 13-inch MacBook Pro. One could be the Magic Keyboard and the other, the latest generation processor.