Apple cancels ‘AirPower’ product citing difficulty in meeting its own standards

This comes after a delay of more than a year since it was first announced in September 2017.
Apple cancels ‘AirPower’ product citing difficulty in meeting its own standards
Apple cancels ‘AirPower’ product citing difficulty in meeting its own standards
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After a number of delays, Apple Inc has officially made an announcement that it is shelving its plans to launch its wireless charger Air Power. The product was first unveiled over a year ago and there were unconfirmed reports of devices heating up when placed on the Air Power mat for charging. Apple tried its best to work with the vendor to mitigate the issue. Apple seems to have failed to sort the issue out and the company decided to call it quits.

Experts and observers who keep an eye on happenings in Apple express the opinion that the Cupertino tech giant has over-reached this time in its attempt to offer a unique product. The Air Power was touted as the one solution for all iOS devices: You could charge your iPhone and iPad and the iPod all at the same time. If it had worked successfully, it would have been a path-breaking technology.

The statement from Apple’s spokersperson stated, “We’ve concluded AirPower will not achieve our high standards and we have cancelled the project.”

Planning and developing new products and not releasing them is not new for Apple. But unfortunately for the company, the Air Power was a product which was manufactured, and some quantities shipped even. In fact, it is pointed out that some of the packaging for iPods and iPads had the pictures of Air Power adding them as a highlighted feature with wireless charging support.

Throughout this year and more that has passed by, at no point did Apple say with any finality that it is withdrawing from the project to make Air Power. This is the first time this message has been conveyed. According to some sources, the company took the decision following reports that the heating up of the devices may be so serious that it could damage the device for good. This was a risk Apple did not want to take.

With Apple, you will never know, the company may yet come up with a wireless charger capable of charging multiple devices simultaneously. It may not be Air Power, since that chapter appears closed for now.    

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