Apple has said it has extended this for iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone SE and the other models may also get it soon.

Apple admits to slowing down iPhones as batteries get old
Atom Tech Shorts Friday, December 22, 2017 - 10:11

If you own an iPhone from earlier years and if you experience the phone slowing down at times, you are not alone or it is not specific to your device only. Apple Inc has since confirmed that it has indeed introduced a measure to slow the older phones down, but it has gone on to explain why this is done.

According to the company, this issue is related to the battery and it is not limited to the iPhones alone. It can happen to any phone being powered by lithium ion batteries. As the battery ages, it finds it difficult to supply power to the device, whenever there is a spike in demand for power and if Apple had not taken the remedial measure to bring the power demand down and slow the process, then the battery can end up damaging the processor which is one of the most expensive components on any smartphone.

Though there have been similar complaints in a sporadic manner of iPhones of older versions like the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 7 models after the launch of the latest iOS 11.2, the issue was highlighted recently by Primate Labs, in a blog that it had checked the speed of the iPhones, which are a bit older and went on to publish the data it had come up with. In response, Apple has sent a written communication to Reuters giving out these details.

According to this, there are three conditions in which the lithium ion batteries behave the way they do; one is when they have undergone a certain number of recharge cycles and is old enough, when in cold conditions or if the battery is quite low on charge. If, in any of these conditions, there is a sudden demand for peak power in the device to run an app or for other purpose, then the correction takes place and the power demand gets intervened and the device slows down in performing the functions.

Apple has said it had already extended this feature for iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone SE and the other models may also get it soon. Apple claims the fix was first released in late 2016 when the customers came up with the complaints.

The only alternative for the phone users is to get a replacement battery which costs around $79 (Rs 5000). But this cannot be carried out by the user. It has to be done by a service center only.


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