AP Dalit man and minor cousin in love assaulted by village elder on family's request

The family was unwilling to file a police report and told the police not to interfere.
AP Dalit man and minor cousin in love assaulted by village elder on family's request
AP Dalit man and minor cousin in love assaulted by village elder on family's request

As the entire village watches, a young girl is summoned by a 70-year-old man, who is seated under a tree. Shortly after the girl, who barely looks up, says something indistinct, the man suddenly slaps her, gets down from the pedestal, hurls abuses and continues slapping and hitting her while the villagers are gathered around.

Calling her a whore, the man then grabs a stick and beats her. He then turns to the young man seated on the floor and flogs him. He also kicks her in the chest, uses a stick to thrash the duo and hauls her up by her hair whenever she falls down due to the assault. This video has gone viral, sparking outrage. In the crowd, parents and relatives of the young man and woman too are present.

The video led to the arrest of the man identified as Boya Linganna, who physically assaulted the girl. The shocking incident took place in KP Doddi village, Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh on Sunday last week.


However, the incident came to light on Friday, after the video went viral. According to police, the minor girl belonging to the Madiga community, was in love with her cousin, (age 20). As they were related to each other, their parents objected to their relationship. However, as they continued their relationship despite opposition, both the girl’s and the man’s parents sought the intervention of Boya Linganna, who is highly regarded in the village. They convened a ‘panchayat’.

In the panchayat, Linganna made it clear that the two should part ways and listen to their parents. However, reportedly the girl was adamant, which angered Linganna; and he flogged her for not listening to the elders.

Based on the video, the Rayadurgam police had approached the girl’s parents to file a complaint against Linganna. However, they refused to it. “In fact they turned against us and said not to interfere in the matter and said that it was they who sought Linganna’s intervention. They remained non-cooperative, and asked us to leave the village,” N Raghavendrappa, Rayadurgam Sub Inspector told TNM.

However, the police deceptively have taken the signature of the parents, and have sent the accused to remand. Linganna was arrested under 324 IPC (voluntarily causing hurt), and Prevention of Atrocities against SC and ST Act.

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