Bengaluru-based voluntary group ‘Mitaan’ offers emotional support to anyone affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Image courtesy: Pixabay
Coronavirus Coronavirus Wednesday, March 25, 2020 - 19:02

With the entire country going into lockdown as a measure against the spread of coronavirus, one might feel pressured and anxious about the situation. Anxiety for people we know, anxiety over supplies, about the scale of the pandemic, worry over contracting the disease, or worry about recovery, and lots more.

A Bengaluru-based group of counsellors, Mitaan, who usually provide voluntary counselling at the India Cancer Society, have decided to extend their support to the general public, free of cost.

“People might be facing anxiety, anger, panic attacks or just sheer boredom during the pandemic and this lockdown. Which is why we are extending our help to these people in need—so that they can vent out their feelings,” said George Joseph, one of the counsellors.

The group has ten counsellors on the team, who can speak various languages. Find their details here:

1) Mili Chakraborty: Hindi, English, Bengali. Time: 11am - 7pm. +91-99450-08020

2) Geeta Murthy: Hindi, English, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu. Time: 11am - 4pm. +91-72598-46562

3) Manjula: Tamil, Kannada. Time: 11am - 4pm. +91-94481-12339

4) Binu Phookan: English, Hindi, Assamese, Bengali. Time: 11am - 3pm. +91-80115-87520

5) Uma: English, Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil. Time: 10am - 7pm. +91-98457-67085

6) Manisha: English, Hindi, Bengali. Time: 12pm - 4pm. +91-96324-11266

7) Ruchi Bhuwalka: Hindi, English. Time: 11am - 1pm / 7pm - 8pm. +91-98454-24078

8) Uma: Hindi , English, Kannada. Time: 2pm - 5pm. +91-99726-17136

9) George Joseph: English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil. Time: 10 am - 5pm. +91-99002-91660

10) Jyoti Mittal: English, Hindi, Tamil. Time: 6am - 10am / 2pm - 6pm.  +91-98455-16880

However, Mili Chakraborty clarified that they were not qualified to give medical advice. “We are all trained counsellors. We can abate some fears based on the reading of resources which we have done, but anything more than general information, we cannot give. We are basically here for emotional support. We are willing to dedicate half an hour to 45 minutes of our time to help people when they are distressed,” Mili said.

If you need medical assistance, or have symptoms of coronavirus, please call your local health department helpline. 

Karnataka: 104, 080-46848600, 080-6692000

Tamil Nadu: 104

Kerala: 1056

Andhra Pradesh: 104. 0866-2410978

Telangana: 104

National helpline: 1075