This section of Indian intelligentsia which prides itself to be known as secular has been consistent to mock and falsify Hindu positions on various issues.

The anthem of our togetherness
Voices Opinion Friday, October 09, 2015 - 09:08

By Tarun Vijay

Nothing makes a nation more liveable than the feeling of togetherness found in its constituents. There is no joy like being together and no pain like being hit by hateful extremists. Absence of togetherness made India partitioned. After centuries of subjugation and a continuous glorious saga of resistance against foreign invaders, we have a freedom that rests on one factor- how best can we safeguard the fabric of our togetherness, surpassing and defeating challenges and hurdles that make our onward journey difficult. That’s the anthem we cherish, that’s the song that binds us together, that’s why Sartaj inspires with his ‘Saare Jahan Se Acchha Hindostan Hamara’.

In RSS we live this spirit of togetherness daily. The thousands of the RSS workers, including those who graduated from IITs and IIMs , who dedicate their lives for the nation, run blood banks, hostels, Arogya Kendra, eye banks and schools in areas as far as Myanmar border. From Kohima's villages, Tawang, Leh and Port Blair to the remote villages wherever Indians need them and are the first to help people in distress no matter to which caste, creed or religion one belongs to, can be guided only by one force- the love for their motherland . Hate can never inspire anyone to work for the nation. 

Thank you Rashtrapati ji, for your thought provoking and unifying words. The nation was waiting to listen to these words. We in India can’t allow fissiparous and divisive forces to take a prominent place in our social life. The communalism of the left to the centre elements has weakened the vitals of the nation. It will take a herculean task to rejuvenate and have the resistance power rebuilt against such forces. India needs a healing hand, not the acidic attacks that make our fabric of togetherness frailer and torn.

The provocative slogans and beef bazaars are just the opposite of all that we dream and cherish. 

This very fabric, the idea of togetherness and a spirit of appreciating the other view point is under grave threat by those who control media and think tanks but are vehemently opposed to Hindutva. They are viciously hateful and masters in fabricating untruths to hit their opponents in a brutal way.

This section of Indian intelligentsia which prides itself to be known as secular has been consistent to mock and falsify Hindu positions on various issues, thus becoming professional mourners when the rest dream of having a new dawn on their horizon.

They have a position on Kashmir, exiled Hindus, vandalised temples and broken images of our deities in the valley, on Ayodhya, on Ram and Sita, on the bridge that Rama built, on Naxals and the insurgency in the northeast. And with all the media space available to them, their power to spread their viewpoint and ruthlessly abuse their position and the opponents’ views by misinterpreting is immense. 

They keep a silence on 1984’s anti Sikh riots, accept awards meekly and surrender when they found a window to deride Hindus and look the other side when an India national petitions UN with an animosity for his blood brothers. Their patriotism is manifested in testifying against their own fellow countrymen in foreign senates and forums. They recognise Syrian refugees but ignore the plight of their fellow Indians living in forced exiled due to the Jihadi onslaughts. Their secularism is defined in simple three words: anything anti-Hindu.

It’s the age old Hindu ethos, the flow of our Indian civilizational values that encompasses various shades and faiths and ways of worship that make our pluralism and togetherness still possible in face of all extremities we see in our neighbourhood. The democracy, constitutionalism, supremacy of the parliament have been preserved by all sections of our people, belonging to various ideologies and political agendas, because all of them were guided by the ancient wisdom of our land-all paths lead to one god, hence be appreciative of the different ideology even if you don't subscribe to it. That’s what Hinduism has taught us. 

Dadri reporting is one example of the acid they have in their pens .

The girl, late Akhlak’s daughter, looked like family, her statement moved me and hence I commented. An Indian and one of us, she must have found all of us standing with her and her family in their hour of grief. It was so clear in my statement the earlier day published prominently by the Indian Express. 

The words, ‘merely on suspicion’ which have been weirdly misused by some commentators could never be interpreted as a qualifying rider, by any sane person. It only implied that if merely on suspicion, this happened, how horrendous could have been the attack in case the proof was visible. There is no room for any rider or any pause to rethink our stand in such cases. The civility and our Indian-ness depends on how firmly we support the constitution and make each citizen, no matter what his faith or state is, feel equally secure and a fellow traveller.  Our conscience must guide us in these matters and in all matters. Then comes the issues of foreign investments, our image abroad and our own social peace that depends on how strife free can we make our nation. 

But the secular tribe has turned the incident into a political tamasha. Akhlak became a new instrument in the hands of these seculars to attack their ideological opponents and the govt.

What difference can you see between them and the mob that lynched Akhlak? Both nurse a precipitated hatred for a different view point, both are intolerant and are in haste to lynch the opponent .It’s the pain of losing their bastions that suddenly make them so harsh, dwarfing the perfections of the two Josephs, one was Goebbels  and the other, Stalin.

The media power and their Gulags on the news and editorial desks have not helped them so far. The people stand unhesitatingly for the truth and the nationalism. The path forward can only be a path of an all encompassing spirit to rebuild a new India, that is home to millions of followers  of faith with as many fragrances.

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