She has reportedly urged her parents to view the video stored in her tablet.

Another page from Vishnupriya suicide-note emerges did she make a video too
news DSP Suicide Saturday, October 03, 2015 - 12:46

In what seems to add further confusion to the ongoing investigation of the death of DSP Vishnupriya, Times of India’s Senthil Kumaran reports that another page from her ‘suicide note’ has emerged in which she has apparently explained the reasons for her alleged suicide.

According to TOI, she has urged her parents to view the video stored in her tablet. Reports based on police sources had earlier suggested that Vishnupriya had written two suicide notes, one in July and the other on September 18 when she died.

“We have handed over the seized items to the cyber crime wing,” a CBCID official told TOI on condition of anonymity.

TOI has published the following excerpt from the note.

“A video explaining the reasons of my suicide can be found on my tablet Amma, please take note of my ATM pin number and the password for m Lenovo laptop. Please also take note of the pins to unlock both my Samsun phones. After I die, please give my tab let and camera to Mahesh akka an `24,000 to Geetanjali. To the press an police, please allow me a peacefu death. If you watch the video, all you doubts about my death would be clear ed. It's time to leave. Goodbye to all...“

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