‘Another fan account for Radhika Apte’: Netflix takes on people trolling actor

Netflix India’s social media is on point, and the platform delivered again by calling itself 'Radflix' as people began taking on Radhika Apte.
‘Another fan account for Radhika Apte’: Netflix takes on people trolling actor
‘Another fan account for Radhika Apte’: Netflix takes on people trolling actor
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Actor Radhika Apte has been doing some commendable work in the digital entertainment space, be it Sacred Games, Lust Stories or the most recently released series, Ghoul. And while she has been lauded for her performance in all of these shows, there were some people who felt that they were seeing ‘too much’ of Radhika on Netflix India.

But Netflix, which in general aces their social media game with witty replies and memes, delivered yet again.

They threw their weight behind Radhika and in one of the tweets, did a clever wordplay on her name itself. It even called itself ‘Radflix’.

“Whatever the role, Radhika apt hai,” Netflix India tweeted, accompanies by a ‘behind the scenes’ video of ‘Omnipresent’ where it is shown that Radhika Apte will play all the roles - from the producer, to acting in it, to directing it.

The video is a dig at all the memes complaining about Netflix India having Radhika Apte in every other show, with a fun twist at the end. Watch it here:

When a Twitter user named Aamir replied to the same saying “no more Radhika Apte” to the above tweet, here’s what Netflix India had to say.

And in yet another witty reply, Netflix India owned it, yet again.

And then Netflix India went one step ahead, and changed their Instagram bio to this:

In another tweet, after announcing that Akshay Kumar starrer Pad Man would now be streaming on the platform, Netflix India said, “Pad Man is now streaming and we're not just saying this because Radhika Apte is in it but yes Radhika Apte is in it.”

Here’s what people who were complaining of seeing too much Radhika Apte on the platform had been saying previously.

Other people also defended Radhika.

Radhika Apte’s presence in multiple Netflix shows also came to her as a question in a recent interview done by ScoopWhoop.

She revealed that while she knew Sacred Games was a Netflix original, Lust Stories and Ghoul were originally supposed to be films, not with Netflix. But the platform ended up buying the rights of the latter two, when Radhika was on holiday. “It’s a coincidence,” the actor said.

She also says that she was not even aware of people saying there was too much of her on Netflix and when she got to know, she found it ridiculous. “How can you be trolled for working?” she questions.

Beats us too, Radhika.

Watch her interview here.

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