O N Joy, who was arrested on Monday had told media that the group would go ahead with the plan regardless of the arrest

Animal Welfare seeks preventive arrests over stray dog massacre will it happen
news Friday, October 02, 2015 - 08:39

The Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) has filed a petition before district police chief seeking preventive arrests of the leaders of stray dog eradication group (Theruvu Naaya Unmoolana Sangham), as the group has threatened to kill over 100 stray dogs on Gandhi Jayanti day.

Theruvu Naaya Unmoolana Sangham president, O N Joy, who was arrested on Monday had told media that the group would go ahead with the plan regardless of the arrest.

According to The Times of India report, the petition has also mentioned that the group’s chairman Jose Maveli had stated in a television interview that they wanted to kill dogs with the help of local bodies.

Apart from the criminal offence, the threat posed by the group will jeopardize the Animal Birth Control (ABC) programme of the state government, which is designed to bring down stray dog population, the animal welfare board said.

“Also, a letter by the principal secretary (local self-government), government of Kerala dated September 28 has clearly stated that killing of dogs will impede the ABC programme. This is a violation of the PCA Act and the IPC,“ board assistant secretary S Vinod Kumaar said in the petition as per TOI report.