Lokesh was interrupted multiple times by a citizen of Nandyal over the question of jobs.

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The first tour to Kurnool district by Andhra Minister for IT and Panchayat Raj Lokesh, turned out to be a bitter affair.

The son of Andhra Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu, the Minister went on a two-day trip to inaugurate several development programmes in the wake of the Nandyal bye-poll; the constituency fell vacant after the death of Bhuma Nagireddy, father of Minister Bhuma Akhila Priya.

Lokesh held several meetings in Nandyal constituency on behalf of his father Chandrababu Naidu; from one such meeting, a video emerged on social media, of Lokesh being questioned by a civilian, who took him on.

In the video, Lokesh can be heard saying, "We were asked to bring industries, Kia Motors has brought 5 lakhs jobs to Rayalaseema."

That’s when a person standing next to him on the stage interrupted him.

"Where did the jobs come?” he can be heard asking the Minister.

When party leaders tried to calm the angry man down, he refused to stay quiet. “You all never talk, and you don’t let us talk either,” he told the leaders.

By then, Lokesh seemed to have gotten over the shock of being interrupted. “It will take some time,” he said, as he tried to placate the other man. “It takes time to construct a new house, doesn’t it?” he asked, as he turned to continue his speech.

But then, two others decided to jump into the scene. “We can’t say anything if you counter question us like this,” they told Lokesh.

The first man decided to question the Minister once again: “Why are you not listening to us?” he asked. And when the Minister claimed he was misdirecting people, the protester got even more angry. “We are born this district, why will we misdirect the people? Why are you threatening us?” he asked Lokesh.

When the party men tried take him away, the man shouted at Lokesh, "Will you beat us up with the help of the police?"  

It is however unclear if the ones who raised their voices belonged to any political party.

Watch the video here:

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పప్పును అప్పడం చేస్తున్న నంద్యాల ప్రజలు..!!

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It is however unclear if the ones who raised their voices belonged to any political party.