Total chaos prevailed as several legislators were seen pushing and pulling each other.

Andhra Assembly sees high drama TDP and YSRCP leaders clash at media pointScreenshot: TV9
news Politics Tuesday, March 21, 2017 - 13:58

Andhra Pradesh may have a new Assembly building in its capital of Amaravati, but the legislators remain the same. 

In yet another clash between leaders of the ruling TDP and opposition YSRCP, the media point at the Assembly witnessed high drama on Tuesday morning. 

It began with a few YSRCP leaders, mostly women led by MLA Giddi Eswari, who were addressing media persons that were gathered.

Eswari was planning to give a statement to the media after a speech in the Assembly where she addressed the issue of women’s safety in the state.

Even as she began her speech, the MLA was soon interrupted by State Minister for Women Welfare Peethala Sujatha and TDP MLA V Anitha, who stormed in along with their supporters. 

What followed was total chaos, as the Andhra minister was seen pulling the podium where all the mikes of the TV channels were kept. This was followed by an immediate pull in the opposite direction by the YSRCP.

This continued even as Anitha and Eswari began talking over each other, with each one trying to be heard through the din created by the two parties.

The chaos continued for another half an hour, as it turned into a political blame game, before the police arrived.

After the police intervened, both the parties individually addressed the media amid chaos in the background, before being escorted out.

Watch two videos below.