news Wednesday, June 24, 2015 - 05:30
What happens if a star campaigner's biggest grouse in an election is that the roads are not good enough for her to put her make-up on flawlessly while travelling in a car? She becomes an instant hit on social media. Well, that's what has happened to TV serial actress Meghna Vincent’s sound byte to TV channels during Aruvikkara by-election campaign. Versions of the sound byte has gone viral in social media. While expressing her solidarity with the BJP she compared Prime Minister Narendra Modi to one of her characters in a serial. “Just like Amrutha in ‘Chandanamazha’ Modiji also came from very poor background and reached in a high position,” she said. “When I go to ‘foreign countries’ like Dubai, Chennai or Mumbai for shoots, I used to do make up from my car itself, but here I can’t do that as the roads here are very poor in condition. So we need a change here,” she says. Watch the video   Video of 5FC5d_alG8I