Anannyah Kumari, first trans woman RJ in Kerala, found dead in Kochi

Anannyah had recently alleged medical negligence by a Kochi hospital where she underwent sex reassignment surgery a year ago.
Anannyah Kumari
Anannyah Kumari
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“I’m a victim of gross medical negligence. My private part looks like a piece of meat, it has no resemblance to a vagina. I want to conduct a resurgery, I want justice.” These were the words of Anannyah Kumari Alex, Kerala’s first transgender radio jockey, in a recent interview to The Cue. Days after the 28-year-old appeared in the media, alleging gross medical negligence she faced in her sex reassignment surgery, Anannyah was on Tuesday found dead in her Kochi apartment. According to the police, the death is suspected to be suicide.

“She was found dead in her apartment on Tuesday evening. It is suspected to be a suicide, more details can be told only after conducting post-mortem,” said an official of Kalamassery police station. A post-mortem will be conducted at the Government Medical College in Kalamassery on Wednesday. Police have registered a case of unnatural death. Anannyah was the first transgender candidate who contested the Kerala Assembly polls. She had been working as a make-up artist and a freelance fashion stylist.

In her interview to The Cue, Anannyah had levelled allegations of medical negligence against doctors at Kochi-based Renai MultiSpeciality hospital who perfomed the sex reassignment surgery conducted a year ago in June 2020. She alleged that the surgery was not a success and that the hospital was allegedly denying her treatment records when sought. Anannyah had also said that for the past one year after her surgery, she has been suffering from various issues.

“Even when I stand for a longer time, sneeze, laugh or even brush my teeth, I have severe discomforts. I have also been experiencing breathing difficulties. I had wished for a sex reassignment surgery that will give me a vagina like a woman’s.. but my private part looks as if it has been cut ruthlessly with a knife. It cannot be called a vagina.. It is a surgery which is conducted very neatly and cleanly in India and elsewhere. I’m standing before you as a victim of gross medical negligence,” she said.

“I have severe pain in my vaginal part. It is undescribable. Sometimes I cannot sit… even my urine is not passing correctly,” she added.

In the video, she had also named the doctors who conducted the surgery. She also alleged that there are other transgender persons who have faced similar medical negligence from the same hospital and same doctor.

“I want to regain my health, I want resurgey. I’m talking as a representative of many others like me. There are scores of people who have been victims of this. The money for the surgeries are painstakingly made by many through sex work, pooling from here and there, and even begging. And hospitals even charge more than what had been told before. But after all that, when this is the result people get, what are they supposed to do? Why are marginalised people like us being attacked like this for money?” Anannyah added.

Ending the video, she had also said that she is mulling legal action against the hospital and the doctors who held the surgery. “I really hope I will get justice. I request you all to stand with me,” Anannyah had said.

Watch The Cue's interview:

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