Shek Monu lost his legs and arm when he accidentally touched a live electric wire when he was just seven years old.

This amputee rapper from Hyderabad needs a new wheelchair and you can help
news Disability Tuesday, April 25, 2017 - 16:01

Back when he was just seven years old, Shek Monu’s parents were asked to make one of the most difficult decisions of their lives.

Doctors had examined their son, then a Class 2 student in a Hyderabad school, and told them that the only way to save his life, was to amputate both his legs and an arm.

"My parents told the doctor to go ahead and amputate both legs and a hand. Their son would be alive, and that's all they wanted," says Shek, who is now 18 years old.

On that fateful day, Shek was playing on the terrace of his house, when he accidentally touched a live wire with his bare hand. 

Unfortunately for him, he happened to be standing in a pool of water, and was hit with a massive electric shock.

Shek was in the hospital for two months, and the resulting medical bills cost the family nearly Rs 10 lakh.

Despite this, Shek went back to school, and then on to St Mary’s College, where he’s studying B.Com Computers. 

Along the way, Shek also found a whole new passion – music, or more specifically rap music.

Shek says that while returning to school encouraged him to move on from his accident, it was music that helped him cope with the trauma.  

Over the last three years, Shek has given 10-12 performances, and wants to rap about his life, and his experiences. 

Currently in college, Shek’s friends are his support system. They take him to college everyday, and patiently include him in everything the group does together.

But Shek is keen on being more independent and self-reliant, for which he requires a better wheelchair, one that is fully equipped for moving around in public spaces.

But this is a difficult task for him, since a new wheelchair costs Rs 5,20,000. Seeking help, Shek has turned to crowdfunding to raise the needed funds.

You can find a link to the fundraiser by Milaap here.

Watch a video of Shek's performance below. 


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