Beef, BJP and Times Now has taken up a lot of social media space in Kerala.

Amit Shah Times Now and beef Keralites are cracking up with memes and jokes
news Social Media Sunday, June 04, 2017 - 17:17

No matter what you might want to accuse God's own country for, never let it be said that Kerala lacks a killer sense of humour. 

Amid the high-decibel debate over cow slaughter, Kerala found itself being called Pakistan two days ago, thanks to a headline error by Times Now. Even as the outrage exploded online, Keralites proved they could compete with the best in hilarious name games.    

With BJP chief Amit Shah on a tour in the state for three days, many on social media have been using the hashtag #AlavalathiShaji.

The hashtag was coined from an iconic 70s film called Lisa, starring late action hero Jayan. The dialogue - "Nee aanu ee alavalathi Shaji alle," meaning "You're the troublemaker Shaji, aren't you" - is still a popular reference among Keralites, young and old.

Many memes have come up asking Amit Shah not to leave the state without tasting beef.


As #AlavalathiShaji started trending on Twitter, BJP supporters tweeted a few memes with the hashtag #AmarendraShaji


And just as the outrage over the new cattle slaughter rules was dying down, there came Times Now’s mistake of referring to Kerala as Pakistan on its ticker. Though the channel has said that it erroneously keyed in ‘Amit Shah to thundery Pakistan’, there are few takers for that version.

Viewer slapping Times Now and asks, ‘After taking rubbish, you apologise?’

This meme places the blame on Kerala’s Sangh supporters of spreading the notion that Kerala is like Pakistan. A Keralite asks, “Who is saying we are like Pakistan”? The North Indian points to the Kerala Sanghi.

And much before the welcome party for Amit Shah or the outpouring of anger against Times Now, there was outrage against the new cattle slaughter rules. Meme after meme was published to declare the love for beef.

In this a meme a Malayali asks a Sangh man how they can choose what one should eat. The man replies there is no ban in eating, only on slaughtering. The Malayali retorts, "Are we king cobras to eat the cow without slaughtering?"

By Jithu madhavan on International Chalu Union

This one gives a restaurant menu. Beef (hit by train), beef (bitten by dog) and beef (fell into a well). Well, if slaughter isn't allowed, one can't stop eating.

By Shahul Ameen on International Chalu Union

This meme has a Sangh man saying they won't let people slaughter cow and eat beef. He adds that if the cow commits suicide, it was fine to eat.

By Sreejith R Nair on International Chalu Union

This meme shows lion, tiger, leopard etc lined up for dinner at the zoo and the zoo keeper gives them a chilly each. No beef, please.

By Reshmi K on International Chalu Union

Alluding to an incident in Bhopal where a minor's body was kept outside a mortuary as a cow's body occupied the bed inside, this meme says that soon would we have to live in cow sheds.

By Vishakh Vish on Troll Malayalam

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